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  1. Here's a crazy one. So we are taking in Creative Conners automation data via their Watchout plugin. Once I had it calibrated it was great through the entire set up. Our designer was able to program away using a virtual display attached to the automation data, she didn't have to worry about where the set piece was and could just drop content into a second instance of the virtual display - on the same tier. Yes, I know that gives us a recursive warning but we didn't have any troubles with the system until I reboot it last night. When it restarted, the production machine and displays started acting real weird. 1. Midi and manual cues would play fine on the Production machine, however nothing would happen on the display. 2. Go to force update and the displays would jump to the first frame of the video on that cue but not play (production computer still playing fine). We got a tip it was probably a networking issue because we had to use the second network for a different subnet address scheme for the automation data. 1. Exited WO and disabled the automation NIC. 2. Opened WO, enabled midi and UDP control, put system online - tested cues from lighting. Displays played fine. 3. Re-enabled the automation NIC. Automation and cues all working. Ok, so then I thought it was related to the reboot. We did two shows that way, no issues at all. Then tonight, no reboots or anything, on our second show today, right after the precheck - which everything except automation was working, I wanted to check automation tracking, moved the play head manually, Display computers not tracking...! 1. Repeated process to fix it, automation working, midi cues working. Oh man, this is bad. I have found another bug as well that may be rated. On certain cues coming from midi, if we take them out of order or before the previous cue has played out, the production machine acts like normal but the display computers start jumping to each cue and showing one frame of the video, and then does that all the way to the end of the show. On this bug recalling midi cues in the correct order seems to resolve the issue. Oh, btw - We are using show control MSC over mid, not regular midi. Question: Could this be related to the recursive error I'm getting because of having both virtual displays on the same tier? Question: Why is it being so finicky now, when our designer was here programming, she was jumping around the timeline like a frog and we had absolutely NO issues whatsoever, AND we were using TeamViewer to remote in and do all the programming. Any help or ideas would be super useful...! I'm scared now that cues or automation may decide to stop working during a show. Thank you!
  2. Hi TimFranklin, thanks for replying. Sorry for not following up sooner, with the urgency of my fix, I jumped on the FaceBook forum to look for help as well. I ended up doing it all with math. I've learned that you can find the value for your slope without it and I developed a repeatable technique for calibration and determining the values needed to calculate 'Y'. If anyone runs into this issue please let me know, Id be happy to share it or post it on this forum somewhere. I did post it on Facebook Watchout forum tho.
  3. Hi, I am tracking to use automation data coming from Creative Conners Spikemark to have a virtual display track a set piece flying in and out of the stage. The input data stream from Spikemark and tween formula is tracking nicely on the Y axis, so far so good. However, as the set piece moves either above or below the projector lens (188.5 on the Y axis), the Z axis needs to change as the set piece is moving further away in 3D space, so Z axis needs to be conditional on the value of Y. So, I think I’m looking for some help writing this expression. Will If / And / Else statements work? Something like If Y = >< 188.5 then z = y-1 else z=0 This is the first time I’ve tried to track a 3D object using automation data, and unfortunately there is little time for tweaking it. Does anyone have experience they can lend to help? Thank you, Jason Vaughan
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