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  1. Our company is going to organize a branding event, where it would introduce its new class of automobiles. It would see professionals and experts from the automobile industry, along with our partners. We will be needing cutting edge audio-visual capabilities to showcase the performance and features of the automobiles. Of the suggestions formed for the show, the off-road and on-road variants of the automobiles have to be featured in its respective environments using projection mapping. We will be needing techs who are up for projection mapping in Toronto. Along with that, we would like to showcase our 70 years of dominance and expertise in the automobile industry through creative and memorable content to be produced on site on large display screens. Creating 3D projections of the various models we manufacture would be a great idea. We have to live stream the grand reveal in various cities so that everyone can experience this from the comfort of their own city without technical issue. I would like to know of technical experts who would be up for the task. Do you guys have any suggestions? Please do let me know. Thank you.
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