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  1. RThk

    New to watchout

    In ordsr to use watchout software. -- must have display units likke watchpax etc.? What are examples for similar builds? Like media servers??
  2. RThk

    New to watchout

    Is Control unit- laptop? Network What are Display units ?
  3. RThk

    New to watchout

    I have taken watchout certified user course. Mostly went through how to use ex. creating timelines etc. Not so much setting it up- I am looking to get more knowledge in setting up if i had these gear for example Analogway diventixAnalogway pulseOrchestra diventixDvi distribution ampVga distribution ampDvi extender kit cat6Watchout systemEtc etc.. Thanks
  4. Hi all Sorry if I am asking this in the wrong forum, I am new to watchout, what are some things I need to know beforehand doing a show as a watchout operator? I know some basics but could need some more details , such as how to do the setup, gear required etc. Thanks in advance.
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