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  1. That's great Thank you for the reply 1st it looks like a micro-key, yes that helps. 2nd I will do that, give me few days as i'm on other things at the moment and I will let you know how I get on. Nigel
  2. Hi all New to all this so be gentle with me. I have IT experience but slowly getting up to speed with this AV stuff. The people I do work for did have a AV show running 5 projectors with your software on it. The PC/media server has developed a fault on the PCI3 slot so I need to move content and software to a new machine. New one is Windows 10 Pro old is Windows 7 home edition. I notice a USB device with a ring on it, is this the licence?? My question is what would be involved transferring Watchout to this new machine and would I be able to keep all configuration. Is it jus
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