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  1. I had live video working on my ShowServer Cube with Watchout 6.4, with a Magewell PCIe capture card a few days ago and prepping for a show opening, but now it is not working. I have tested as much as I can fathom - used the exact setup as last time, tried different cables, different cameras, different ethernet to production computer (I did not try swapping out cables to projectors/ displays), restarted the computers, restarted the files, created a new production file with new camera input, and tried switching the input numbers on the display server (from none to 1 which is the capture card). The last time live video was working the camera image was a bit blurry, and someone mentioned that it looked like a clock issue. Would that mean that there could be something wrong with the capture card? Would there be anything else that I could test? Any thoughts would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!
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