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  1. Hi, I have the question about timecode. Could anyone provide me any solution? There are some devices of my cluster system: item spec Qty. Display Computer Dataton 3368B Watchpax 60 2 Production Computer Intel Core i5, OpenGL 2.1, 16GB RAM, 500 GB HDD 1 Timecode Interface Rosendahl Studiotechnik mif4 1 I expect that I can output the timecode signal of mif4 to the audio card of display computer 1, and then the two display computers can follow the timecode to play the show at the same time. And I also expect the production computer only be used for the preceding procedures. During the show we won’t turn on or use the production computer. I’ve added the timecodeMode script in the startup script and also set the audio card of display computer 1 to receive the timecode signal. How can we reach my expectation to use the whole system?
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