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  1. Hugo, the WX series is on my actual point of view designed for win10.... So this is the first thing I would recommend to check. I drive my systems on win10EP with a W7100...
  2. We have the following issue using 6.31/6.4/6.41 Hap/HapQ/ProRes (2160p/1080p) running, but jerking, sometimes more, sometimes less, (also the same files are doing different playback-quality ) (changing Chunks does not take any effect) h264.mp4 (2160p/1080p) basically not running/ stays only on the frame the timeline pauses. So it won't play any mp4. Activating "Looping", everything is doing fine and everything is running smooth. It is reproducible every time at every file. Framerates are matching. Hardware is safe. PreRoll does not take any effect. SyncMaster does not take any effect. Easy test setup: one master, one display computer, one 2160p60 output. Thoughts? Anything I miss?
  3. Thanks. Checked other topics and found the reason for that very slow transfer. It is the v6.4/6.41.... Running 6.31 everything is fine...
  4. jfk is right. Thanks. One more very important thing: actually we have 10G ASUS NICs and the network is running great. Copying files to a network share folder on a second display computer is about 1.2 GB/s, so quite maxed out speed performance of the 10G network BUT if I go online with a show on the same systems, the transfer rate is about 55MB/s (10.3 GB file transferred in 3 Minutes...) Hows that possible? What protocol uses Watchout to send the files to the display computers? Any thoughts? Thanks a lot Martin
  5. hey folks, is there any possibility to set a network priority in Watchout when having more than one network adapter running? e.g. one on board and a 10G PCIe NIC with dual port... side-question: is there any 10G NIC with WOL? Actually we only can finde the ASUS PEB-10G but it takes 4 weeks for delivery... any recommendations ? (no dual port necessary) Thanks a lot Martin
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