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  1. Hi! We are constantly developing our products and can not say exactly when the shift to the next big major for WATCHOUT will be. Even in these times when companies in our industry tend to go to a full stop, Dataton invests in the future, having a team of developers working fulltime on the design of the next WATCHOUT version. We know we've come a long way with WATCHOUT 6, and it is still a strong product on the market. So we are now focusing on getting as many WATCHOUT users as possible to that platform, making sure people are ready for what's coming in the future. (You might have seen the promo campaign we're running, if not check it out here: https://www.dataton.com/watchout-licenses-and-upgrades-promo) We've also put a lot of effort into our server series WATCHPAX, making sure they run WATCHOUT flawless both now and in the future. Regarding feedback, we do believe that our wide range of users and broad community is of great value for WATCHOUT and it's development, why customer feedback is an essential tool for us. Earlier this year, we did a first round of collecting feedback in a new way, and we will continue further with this during the year. If you're interested in being in the loop, feel free to DM or connect on LinkedIn. Stay safe, and thank's for using WATCHOUT / Dataton Crew with Magnus Broeders, Development Manager
  2. Best user of WATCHOUT! During January and February, we have a Master student, Anna Hääg, working for us while awaiting her master thesis to start in March. She has been given the task to collect user suggested improvements on warping and 3D-mapping, and to do it in a structured way with a procedure we can use more. This is part of a new strategy where we want to be able to handle user requests and knowledge to enhance the product and to do that in a structured way. What we ask from you is to borrow some of your time to let Anna come in contact with you and interview you regarding warping, mapping and different technologies that could enhance the workflow when doing these activities. She's been doing a few interviews already, but to have a better basis we need a few more. I know that many of you already have great ideas regarding this, and we’d love to hear them! We mainly want to focus on 3D-mapping and warping in this study, and if you regularly use this features we would be thrilled if you post here or contact Anna directly at anna@dataton.se Best regards, and with hoping to see you at ISE Amsterdam, Magnus Broeders, Development Manager at Dataton
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