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  1. Thanks Quim, I tay that with Hercules and notthing append. I attached picture. I can activate and deactivate timelines, even ShutDown WP20, but control internal variables is not working. Can be the type of input (Generic)... I am working in WO 6.4.1. Y remember that we do that on the formation curse. but something is missing... If you have some suggestions, manuals, or similar. thanks... It's that posible sending UDP directly to de WatchPax20, without Productions software working.. the idea is to control the WP20 directly from UDP. Thanks again...
  2. Hello, I am trying to control the position of one object in the WP20 throw UDP. I create the timeline, and add one media, activate control for external variables (x and y) and activate advanced control in media and Timeline. If I increase or decrease the value of "x" or "y" in the producer PC, I show how the media is moving on the screen. Te probleme become when I send (setinput x 0.5 2000) throw the UDP to the WP20. nothing append. I can play, stop timelines... etc throw the UDP to the WP20, but variables are not working through UDP. Why?? Some ideas... Th
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