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  1. Hi Morgan, it works finally even there are some little problems with the boot of Windows (but we are going to fix them) Thank you so much again!
  2. Thank you so much, I'm going to try
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm making a display PC with Geforce RTX 2060, Intel I7 CPU, Acer motherboad, Win10 pro. I use the last version of GPU driver, 471.68. The PC works perfectly without WO, it runs 4 displays 1920x1200 without any problems. I followed all the tweaking guide and when I go online none error appears in WO production, but the video doesn't run well, it seems lacking of the synchronism and I can see just stripes. None error message appear on the production PC, and I can control the start and stop of the video and other functions but the image is bad. I tried others drivers og G
  4. Hi, I'm not in the studio now so I can't check exactly the version of GPU driver but the first thing I did when I get this problem was reinstalling the last version of GPU driver. The server was tuned following the Dataton indications for Win7, as I said it had not any problem with the WO versions before 6.1. Anyway following your advice I'll go to delay the start of WO, maybe the new versions have shorter time of reaction and they aren't able to detect all the active outputs in time. Let's see what happens, I'll let you know. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi thanks for the reply. The OS is Windows 7pro, I built the server 2 years ago and until now it worked perfectly. It still works if I downgrade to 6.1 version. The problem starts from 6.2.2 version. The WO dealer here in Italy can't give me an explanation of this problem. He just mentioned that the problem might be connected with the time that WO needs to identify the active outputs. He suggests to operate in register REGEDIT and increasing that time. But he said this problem is with Win10 not with Win7. What do you mean for "video driver"? The driver of the GPU? Thanks.
  6. Hi to Everyones, my server works perfectly with WO versions before 6.1 (included) instead with the successive versions it doesn't work with all the outputs. Basically with WO 6.1 it easily drives four 1920x1024 outputs, instead if I update it to WO 6.5 version, it drives 2-3 1920x1080 outputs and it's not stable. The GPU is AMD Firepro W600 with 6 minidisplay ports, connected by active adaptors, CPU is I7 on motherboard ASRock. I used this server without any problems for 3 years. Had anyone a similiar problem? Any advice? Thanks Maurizio
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