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  1. I don't have a WX9100, I have a W9100. Its a different 6 output AMD card than the one you referenced. I've tried all versions of the driver between 17q4.1 and 19q4.1 None of them work very well with my setup, but 19q4.1 works best out of that range. It still will only come online with 6 displays once with that driver version.
  2. I haven't tried emulating EDIDs. Is that what you do for your machine that is working well? Does your W9100 take a long time to sync up when Watchpoint starts? What AMD driver version are you using. Is emulating EDIDs something Dataon recommends doing for stable performance in Windows 10? I don't need to do this in Windows 7 and the server has been rock solid with 6 outputs for years.
  3. I have tried numerous different iterations of Windows 10 and AMD drivers with Watchout 6.5 (and other versions) and I can't get a smooth output @ 1080p 60hz to 6 blackmagic HDMI-SDI micro converters. This setup works flawlessly with windows 7, but every time I try to migrate to windows 10 I get endless bugs. I started with Windows 10 LTSB 1607 and followed the tweaking guide meticulously. Here are some of my observations. 17Q4.1 Driver = endless flashing of displays and failure to sync or ever arrive at the ready screen with the display name and IP address 19Q4.1 Driver works sometimes the first time lots of flashing and strobing of displays at startup but eventually syncs and can be taken online can only go online once, after going offline, can't go back online without a reboot and more flashing and sync problems This hardware works perfectly when I give up and put the windows 7 hard drive back in the machine with Watchout 6.5 Even when working somewhat with 19Q4.1 driver I can't change the frame rate of a display from the production laptop. The display will never come online. This may be a known bug. I think I read about this in the release notes Setup seems fine with 4 displays and either driver I did the registry key with the longer wait time from the tweaking guide. It didn't solve the problem. I could go on but basically, does anyone have a good combo of windows version and AMD driver that reliably works with 6 Blackmagic HDMI-SDI microconverters and Windows 10/Watchout 6.5 and a W9100 Graphics Card? Should I just stay on Windows 7 forever for these two machines that have 6 outputs? My 4 output machines work fine with windows 10 other than a minor bug that I started a separate thread about. I was under the impression that Dataton was phasing out support for Windows 7 as it is no longer offered by microsoft officially. Any advice is appreciated
  4. You are correct, the text is doubled, not blurry. The pic is of the same SDI monitor plugged into two sdi outputs in sucession. All 4 displays are going to Blackmagic HDMI->SDI microconverters. I plugged those into an SDI monitor to take the pics, but the text is doubled no matter what monitor or projector I plug the SDI output of the microconverter into. It also happens if I plug the output into an hdmi monitor with a MDP-HDMI cable. But again, only on outputs 2,3, and 4 Watchout V6.5 on Windows 10 Interestingly it doesn't happen in Windows 7 with an identical setup and Watchout 6.5 attached are some jpegs Watchout version is 6.5
  5. Rbeddig is saying that if you assign a layer as a standby layer, you can have that be your static look while you push content *if you remember to go into standby before adding content in live update mode or clicking update if in non-live-update mode*. This can be any look you want, but it can only be one look per timeline location. The point that jason and I are making is that we used to be able to park the timeline in whatever scene lighting or directing or choreography or whoever wanted to work on and push content quietly. Now our options are to dump to a default standby look and then push or dump to black/watchout logo when using live update, (which most programmers in live theater use A LOT). It draws lots of attention to us, makes us look stupid, and wastes time with discussions of how this won't happen during the show. It makes Watchout look like buggy unstable software that is always crashing to a logo. I understand that is not what is happening, and I don't care that it happens personally, but directors and lighting designers and video designers HATE this behavior. Please fix this.
  6. I have two servers on Windows 10 AMD Driver 17q4.1. AMD W4100 video card The servers work fine when online, however, when they startup, the Display Name is blurry on outputs 2, 3, and 4. Attached are pics of Output 1 and Output 2 (the blurry one) for comparison Any thoughts on why this would be? The outboard gear on both displays is identical. IMG_0701.HEIC IMG_0700.HEIC
  7. I would like to second this. Also, this bug is still present in v6.5. This is no good for live theater. Every time I add a piece of content, 10 projectors dump to black with a big logo and everyone in the room turns to look at me. Previously, I could add 100GB of content and it would just freeze on whatever still I parked it on and there would be a single frame of black when it was done pushing content. This was much much better. This new behavior makes my job much more difficult and unpleasant. Please put it back to the way it was for years. Thank you.
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