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  1. Hi Angelica Sorry about that. It seems like we probably have the same issue regarding the production computer. We are using a probably underpowered machine for our production computer. It has an i3-3240 and 16gb RAM with Intel HD graphics running windows 10.
  2. Hello! i am experiencing this same issue with our current production. Running Watchout 6.2.2 through a ShowSage 4 output server. Are there any updates regarding this?
  3. I should also mention the string that I am trying to send. For Barco shutter close: $fe$00$23$42$00$65$ff I found this on another forum post about IP control for Barco projectors found here
  4. I just tried putting it in the main timeline. Issue still persists. I am also running watchout 6.2.2 on both my production and display computers
  5. Hello all, I am working as a projection tech for a production with my university's current production. I am trying to send strings to the projectors in order to command a power on/off or shutter close/open. So far I am not having luck, with every attempt getting the "Failed to deliver data" error. I am wondering what I am missing in my workflow or physical set up that may cause this. I am attaching my system diagram. I am using a generic Dell machine as the production computer and a ShowSage 4 output watchout cube as the display computer. The production computer runs through a
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