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  1. Thanks for the clarification, I believe I will opt for a Samsung PM1725b. Any advice on the GPU? Nvidia RTX 5000 or Radeon Pro WX9100?
  2. Hello guys, i need to build two servers for a very important installation. One main server and one backup. I will use a Lightware matrix as a switch from one machine to another. Only 4 full HD 1920 * 1080 output required Video content is currently in MP4, 60fps format. I'm thinking of setting up a configuration with these components: Motherboard: Asus WS X299 SAGE / 10G Processor: Intel core i9-9900X Ram: 4x8GB Corsair Vengeance SSD: Crucial MX 500GB (SO) SSD M2: Samsung 970Pro + heatsink Graphic card: RTX 5000 (Quadro) Windows LTSC 2019 Does this seem like a valid configuration? Do yo
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