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  1. Hi Mike, thank you for your response. Swap the 1 and 0 and you'll be correct with respect to the subscription tag. I have a couple of questions that is probably obvious to more experienced programmers than I: 1. To display an Aux Timeline position while it's running accurate to .1 second on an external device, I would have to send a getStatus 2 command every .05 seconds. Would you say this is a correct statement? 2. If WO receives the following command: run "" or getStatus 1 "" , will the extra double quotes cause any errors or problems? Or will it just simply ignore the do
  2. Hello, I'm in the middle of building an installation that consists of three independent display servers being controlled by an ipad based control system by Kramer. At it's simplest, we are using the ipad to Play, Stop, and Pause Aux timelines with the UI showing the states of the Aux timelines. And ideally a counter showing the time. While wading thru the forum I found this statement: "One shot polls are interrupt based and if sent too often can impact system performance." When observing the packet stream between the program Universe and WO production, it appears that a g
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