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  1. Hi, i recently bought watch out software with WX 9100 and having a small difficulty to find drivers for it to run smoothly - Current driver that m using - Radeon Pro Software Adrenalin Edition Beta for Windows October 2018 Right now m having two monitor display, 1st display is running smoothly but whereas second monitor is having a black screen error whenever i input a video or an image it will start with black screen for about 10 seconds and the input starts - And i've seen lot of people using Radeon Pro driver 17Q4.1 - M thinking i will install this drive and check if it works or if anybody know why is it happening do let me know - and m not able find the driver anywhere so if anybody have pls upload and give me a link - Configuration as below - OS: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC CPU: i9 Intel 10900X Ram: 64Gb Graphic Card: WX9100 8Gb Sync card - Firepro S400 Sync Motherboard - X299X DESIGNARE 10G If you need any further details pls feel free to ask. Thanks in advance.
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