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  1. Hi......Frnds When i m capture mac book laptop from NDI with diffrent IP Address.screen capture good but message showing again and again switching source from primery to alternet source.See in the picture.Laptop connect direct port to port from eachother no. network switch between them.what is the problum. plz. give me solution.Capture laptop without capture card with cat6 cable.
  2. Hi....Frinds Plz. Help me I Update my Window 10 Pro (OS System).Updating Watchout Latest Version 6.4.4 but After Update my os then i m uninstalling old version watchout 6 but not uninstalling showing error see messege in picture.And I Installing new version watchout directly without uninstalling old version when also showing error.See in Picture. Plz. Slolve it.
  3. Plz. tell me the process. How to connect ipad from watchout 6.6.2
  4. HI... GUYS PLZ. SOLVE MY PROBLEM When i m connecting window 10 laptop with NDI over LOCAL IP( something like this with the dataton wathout. When i m going online the messege showing again and again "swithing laptop from primery source to alternate source" after this messege video going stuck. plz. solve this. I connecting laptop with NDI SCAN CONVERTOR
  5. Hi.... Frinds Is it true only WIN 10 ENTERPRISE supporting watchout other version like win 10 pro is not supporting.
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