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  1. When can I hear about watchout 7? Five years have passed since WATCHOUT 6 was released. In the field, there is a constant demand for better codecs (such as HEVC) and better features (such as HDR). When will I get information about WATCHOUT 7 other than minor upgrades such as bug fixes?
  2. When I place content on the stage by snap-in and check the position, sometimes the x value or y value is 1 px insufficient If the stage scale is large (for example, 1:1), the frequency of occurrence seems to decrease. In fact, it's been quite a while since this error was notified to Dataton Support, and there have been several updates, but it has not been fixed. What makes bug fixes so long?
  3. I fully agree with jfk's comment. Using BMD products in WATCHOUT has many problems in operating a stable system. The only advantage is the price compared to other products It is cheap.
  4. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink/software As you can see from the link, the decklink family supports WDM drivers. In fact, I have used it normally in WO with Intensity Pro and SDI capture card. Double-check that the correct device is selected in the watchpoint settings. Also try changing the live input signal setting to a different type in the watchmaker.
  5. Thank you for Mike & RBeddig In camera-based calibration systems, I have seen that a suitable blending mask is created in a similar stage configuration. However, using a camera-based calibration system may not be possible depending on the site. To prepare for this, I am looking for a way to manually create a mask in WATCHOUT. In theory, it makes sense, but the WATCHOUT MASK tool has a lot of limitations. As RBeddig said, creating a mask for a sample requires a combination of top and bottom gradients and left and right gradients. However, using WATCHOUT or Photoshop is n
  6. Hi. Mike. Thanks for the answer I don't want'good' blending for the current situation. However, I would like to prevent the black areas from becoming prominent or forming lines when masking is performed using the manual mask generator. Manual mask generation is likely to be used frequently in cases other than the examples provided. I would like to talk with the members about production tips and methods for these cases. And if you are okay, please explain more about 'The pixel at the intersecting edges must be 50% intensity, meaning that a 1 pixel error in alignment w
  7. Hello. Everyone on the forum I want to hear from you. The automatic edge blending of the watchout works great when the projectors are horizontally and vertically aligned. However, when the projector is not aligned, automatic edge blending is applied in only one direction, and normal edge blending is not possible. For this reason, I have to create a manual mask in the stage-mask tab or create a mask in another program and use it. The manually created mask does not properly handle the corners where the mask overlaps, resulting in poor blending effect. Can you share
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