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  1. The resolution and frame rate is 3840*2160_60hz. I tried to reinstall the software, and still the same, then I installed a new win10 enterprise system, and tried, still the same. Do I need to install some special codecs? I tried with K-lite and win10 codecs as well, the video runs well at the first time, then I restart the server, and the problem still exists. how can I apply the chunk parameter?
  2. I just build my watchout server, installed the software and followed the tweak guide for win10 enterprise. I tried to use the ffmpeg to convert two files as in the help center command lines. ffmpeg.exe -i input.mp4 -c:v libx264 -preset slow -tune fastdecode -profile:v baseline -g 30 -bf 0 -b:v 25M -y output.mp4 ffmpeg.exe -i input.mp4 -c:v hap -format hap_q -y output.mov both of these files are not working well, mp4 file stuck all the time, like playing slideshow, and the mov file can't be played, all I got is black screen, what else should I do on the system or the software? my hardware is i9 core processor with WX9100 graphic card and samsung 970 pro nvme SSD, gigabyte z390 master motherboard. thanks.
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