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  1. Hi Nikolai, I realise this topic is a little old but I’d be interested in knowing how you got on with this setup (3D objects moving on a set together with the accuracy of the 3D mapping within watchout). I’ve got something similar in the near future and I’m still not sure if watchout is best for the job or not
  2. The ability to snap the position of the corner points of a virtual display outputs to other corner points of other virtual displays, and the ability to select more than one corner point at one time, both of the same virtual display and of another so it stays in a relative position - not unlike Madmapper and Resolume
  3. I'd have to second this for a very helpful addition to Watchout - 3d mapping projectors being able to route through to a virtual display which then could be composed onto a more complex composition - a fx4 layout etc. I have a relatively old 4x projector show that tours quite a lot, that we try to keep the touring kit to a minimum- we hope to update it onto Watchout for the future. Only one output requires, or would benefit, from a 3d mapping output. The show has run via a datapath programmed on Avolites Ai in the past and before that Catalyst, I'm struggling to work out the best way to m
  4. I'm also going to add the request to integrate Notch blocks directly. Making content in Notch is simply revolutionary after years of rendering. Having the ability to make use of Notch's realtime parameters directly within the media server is the way forward of content creation for live performance.
  5. Hi, I''m just giving WO a test drive but with the possibility of seeing this similar set-up - a cube rotating on a central axis that is mapped from two projectors with a blend that needs to also be updating in real time. Has there been ways to make this happing now in WO? Also, this rotating cube is positioned in front of a backdrop lit by a third projector, is it possible to use the same rotating cube as a live mask for that output whilst simultaneously projecting onto it from the two projectors as I've mentioned?
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