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  1. Of course! That’s for the reply, it’s really appreciated
  2. Hi, Is there a way to fade a 3D objects opacity making it transparent as opposed to fading to black then snapping out at 1%?
  3. I'm in the process of bringing an old show into WO. The footage is all rendered in ProRes. After finally getting it to run on the display software it was noticable that the blacks were not full black, I checked the original footage in After effects which is all good - black is black. Subsequantly I've done a test transcoding and comparing the footage to HAP which fixes the problem within WO. It reminds me of the old issues with gamma shifts with ProRes with Quicktime as can be found on a multitude of forums for editers and content creators - is it the same quicktime issues causing this wit
  4. It would be great to have the same output options and tweaks for a virtual display as you do for a standard display output, i.e the masking and geometry correction. It would open a plethora of creative combinations and compositions
  5. Sure, as was the method with After Effects tens years ago as well as embeding the mapping and distortion into the artwork, it's nice to think we've moved on from there a little though.
  6. OK, I've done further tests on this and striped down the set-up to do it. It seems the screen print/capture works when a single display is attached but two or more and I'm unable to do it - I get the WO screens. Is this the same as other folk? Is this a bug?
  7. I thought that would be the case - I've got the images displayed with the mask but when I print the screen I get the following
  8. Again RBeddig thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the export video method seems impossible as the production computer is running on an HD monitor and the outputs of the display are 4k -I can't make the displays fully visible on the stage window to capture them - it's a shame this would be a good workaround. The capture card method I'll tinker with but I feel it's adding significantly more kit and workflow to the process which I feel should be relatively straight forward. Has anybody got a screenshot method of working with Watchout? A third party app that''l do the job?
  9. Hi, It seems like a newbie question to follow all this but I can't get a screen shot of the display computer whatever I try - I keep getting just a white screen or Watchout in a window, not what's being displayed - is there a knack to this?
  10. I will give this method a test, I can see it working. My only reluctance is loosing the ability to quickly tweak the blends if required between shows. One thing I haven't mentioned is that the projectors we are discussing are also on the floor. On the tour the only variable I can't control is the floor, sometimes sprung sometimes solid etc. It means these projectors need to be checked and tweaked generally between every show. I'll try this out though. Many thanks
  11. Again, thanks for the reply. There isn't a moment between the sections to have a pause unfortunately. I think my final way to sort this is to convince the sound designer to move the audio into Watchout thus eliminating the timecode problem. It does make me nervous running both audio and video of one machine but I'm willing to try it.
  12. It's a seamless show, no breaks, no cues, fully automated from timecode. The audience are in the same space as the performer, a mix of installation and dance. The truth is it's been running on Catalyst for about 6 years, I'm hoping to bring it up to date. The images show examples of the different states I've mentioned but there are more
  13. Many thanks for the replies. The whole show is actually timecode dependant, but i can see that making a screenshot of the blends and using this as a controllable layer is a workaround method with possible control of the conditional layers. Unfortunately I won't be able to get the powers that be to add another computer and switcher. Again thanks
  14. I have a show/installation in which during the first part it has two projectors mapped onto the walls of the interior space. These require an edge blend between the two with the content mapped with virtual displays. Later these same projectors are used in a compleatly different way, through haze. The different effect is with the content on more virtual displays mapped seperately which don't require a blend/mask. I've seen that an auxilary timeline can be placed above the edgeblend, which would be perfect except that this second sequence needs to follow timecode and lasts for about 30 mi
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