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  1. Hi Josef and Rainer, thank you for the replies. Would it be possible to do the magic with just 2D Displays? We are kind of limited on the hardware side. It's a permanent installation and it needs to be as cost and space-effective as possible. Also two servers are, from my opinion, a bit oversized for "just" 8 Hds and disadvantageous when it comes to sync, backup and content delivery. I know that other media server systems could do the job, still we would like to go with Watchout as this is our preferred media-server system. Thanks again.
  2. Hi everyone, we want to project onto a curved 3D shaped surface. For that, we plan to have one Watchout Server with WX9100 that outputs 2x 4k to Datapath FX4s that split the Signal to 8 HD projectors. Usually when working with aggregated Outputs, I used virtual displays to gather the content into the physical outputs. With 3D mapping projectors this is not working. Is there a different workaround in Watchout to accomplish that? Thanks in advance! Best, Marius
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