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  1. Hello. Indeed, UDP does not need the "authenticate" command! Unfortunately IOCore cannot send commands over TCP (only receive). The backbone return does not work in HEX. And sending the whole message in HEX doesn't work either. I also noticed one strange thing, for some reason, when sending a command, it sends each line twice (this can be seen in the command monitor in IOCore)! So so far we have not been able to set up normal UDP work. On the advice above, so far I have configured it via Artnet and DMX. I will try to figure it out with UDP, if you have any more ideas, please let me know. Thank
  2. Hello. It turned out to set up control through Artnet dmx. I created the GPI >> DMX module since I do not have GPIO >> Artnet in the IOcore settings (GPI >> Artnet). Thanks )
  3. Hello. I tried different options ($ 0D, 0D, 0A). It feels like he will send all the commands at once without a delay between them. And without going to a new line. There is no information on this in the manual on IOCORE. (https://www.visualproductions.nl/category-architectural/iocore/#)
  4. Hi I just need to run contact closure timelines on IOcore. I tried to do this by sending commands over UDP. But it feels like he sends all commands at once without delay between commands. So I am getting the error. I will be in the office on Tuesday and try your recommendation for control via DMX inputs. Another question is, in this way, you can make it so that after starting the timeline, its value goes to the zero position so that the timeline can be restarted by pressing the same button? If it doesn't work, I'll send you a show by mail. Thank you
  5. Hey. Help me figure out how to write commands in IOCORE2. One command is sent and the WO server accepts and tests them. And if I create a list of commands and send them together, I get an error. Help me understand how to write commands in IOCORE2.
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