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  1. Thanks Hugo! Can the KeyLink also be connected to a PAX instead of a SMARTPAX?
  2. Hello again, After you generously helped me out with my earlier MICSOFT request, I dare to ask another question: As I said, I have a TRAX presentation controlling 12 SAV-2050 slide projectors via 3 PAX devices. Is there a simple way or device to add a pushbutton that allows a user to start the presentation with the simple push of a button? In the TRAX manual I read that the internal PAX relays can be used to switch an external device other than a slide projector on/off, but what about the other way round? Thanks for your efforts, geb
  3. Thank you so much, I just sent you a PM, best, geb
  4. Thanks Mike! Yes, I'm aware of that, but my presentation is really simple. best, geb
  5. jfk, thank you so much! This is really invaluable for me. Sorry to ask again, but is there some kind of user manual too? Thanks and greetings from Vienna, Gebhard
  6. Hello everyone on the forum, I know this is a blast from the past but here we go: I'm controlling 12 Kodak S-AV 2050 slide projectors, using 3 Pax (3318L) devices and a Powermac G3 (System 9.2), running Trax 3.7.1. Since it's getting harder to keep the Powermac running, I wanted to try the Dataton MICSOFT DOS software running on a PC instead. Is there a way to get the software from Dataton or from one of you users? You can find more about the installation I'm using this setup for here:https://gebseng.com/04_slidemovie/ It would be great to hear from you on that topic,
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