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  1. JFK, No, you didn't misinterpret that, what I mean by it is I don't often have the ability to run infrastructure in regional theatres so running a midi cable to my media server isn't usually an option (it depends on the theatre). In most situations I can tap the lighting network at the tech table, FOH, or wirelessly in a pinch and use it for show control. OSC is robust over TCP connections so it is just a very flexible protocol. I also run a lot of real-time graphics that take show control triggers over OSC (Unreal, some other custom stuff I run) etc... so getting this working and robust
  2. JFK, I’ll have to mess around with MSC, but I specifically need a TCP/IP solution. Most of us are using OSC for control at this point. I’m sure there’s an IP midi solution that’s reliable (I’m open to a recommendation), but in my experience the topology was UDP and dropped packets. I don’t have the luxury of locating my operators next to the console all the time so I didn't really consider MIDI an option. Again, just because it exists in one control protocol doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to see it opened up to the telnet control protocol. Realistically I need the synchronization
  3. Morgan, Thanks for the thoughts, I do think that would work. I went the other route and just built a router. Hopefully this helps someone else out. I really need a more fine-grained show control over the network for my operators. They're used to being able to move back and forth as called by a stage manager so I need something a bit more nuanced. I really think the idea of a "executeCue" command in the console would solve this issue, but I've broken it into OSC commands on ETC EOS with `/watchout/${do}/${target}`. https://github.com/danielbchapman/osc-watchout Show Co
  4. I'm new to Watchout and --perhaps-- this is more of a feature request than a questions, but I'm trying to construct a router between ETC Eos consoles and Watchout so that my lighitng operators can run the media server. (I'm used to a bit more cue-centric/theatrical style of creating shows and we often have to move back in time during technical rehearsals.) What I'd like to see is when I send `gotoControlCue ${id}` the timeline respects the control cue's action. Right now if I send "gotoControlCue 3" to my timeline while it is running the pause action is ignored: Additionally, if
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