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  1. Hi, All of our keys have WO 5 and 6 on them.
  2. Hi, i'm trying to remotely control my WO using the WatchNet App. It says it can run on Mac too. I have A Macbook Pro 2019 and Watchnet cannot see the licence key. Actually it is seeing the USB key and I can access the content, I did install the Wibu key driver, but when I open WatchNET I have an error message saying NO LICENCE KEY FOUND. Can someone tell me if Watchnet is supposed to run on Catalina? Thank you.
  3. Hi, thank you for your answers, I'm not sure I understood the PSD file... and yeah i tought about the geometry tab but the problem is that if I map the projector it will affect everything I shoot with the FOH projector, even the image on the screen without windows. I found a method with virtual displays... I made one virtual display for each of the 18 windows. These 18 virtual displays "grab" each part of the image corresponding to their window. And I place them in ANOTHER virtual display where I apply a tween corner on each individually. Then I lock these l
  4. Hi, We are currently trying to map 18 rectangle windows with only one projector. We would like to be able to snap each corner point of our 4 corners windows to the real life windows. We would like to do one mapping for the "scene" and reuse our mapping each time we import a clip containing the 18 windows. The only way we seem to find to achieve this is to have separated clips for each windows and use the "corner" tween. Even when I try making a 3d object with a 3d projector, the calibration points affect the whole image and is not only moving the selected p
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