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  1. @jfk Finally, you were right! Replacement driver was just not old enough. Problem solved with driver 460.89. Many thanks!
  2. @jfk I changed to an older version of nVidia driver... but same results. Look what I got on the image below. Thats exactly what's displayed if I run WIN10 server as Display. But image is good on WIN7 DISPLAY even if preview looks like this on WIN10 PRODUCER. I've tried something: re-installing WO5. And everything works fine on WIN10 SERVER with WO5. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi everyone, I've been using WO for the last 20 years and just upgraded from WO5 to WO6 last week. I bought new servers on WIN 10 and went trough all the tweakings before installing WO6. When I drop a simple MP4 on the timeline, I have a blurred preview with a large green line at bottom. Video can play but the image is completely off. When I play it from the desktop, It's all good, so QuickTime can play it properly but not WO. I have an Nvidia Qadro as graphic card. I don't have any problems with still frames, only with video playback (WMV and MOV I tried has the same problem) If i u
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