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  1. Very good suggestion, I didn't know the trick with adding an output set to address 512. However it didn't solve my issue, which leaves me to think that the empty Sequence byte might be the problem here.
  2. Hello, I've got quite the puzzle in front of me with using Art-Net output from Watchout. I'm using a pair of Elation Color Chorus 24 lights, set in a single universe, in the same network/subnet as my Watchout cluster. When I try to send an Art-Net signal from Watchout, the lights do not respond to the signal. When I use LightKey on a MacBook in the same subnet, the lights work fine. When I use an Art-Net to DMX converter with Watchout, the lights work fine. I grabbed two ArtDMX packets, one from Watchout, and the other from LightKey, to see what they do differently. Both are broadcas
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