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  1. I did this test for 1 week temporarily because I was just wondering if I could put them together (the next step would be to set the fixed ip addresses in the system). I know the file on the timeline needs to be set which dante audio channel to use, so that wasn’t the problem, I set them from 1 to 8. However, I will put the system together again sometime in the near future for more serious testing, and then I will pay more attention to this multi-band problem ...
  2. HI! I ran into an interesting mistake (at least for me). I work in a theater in Hungary, where audio and video are treated separately for the time being. I tried to test together, connected a Watchout 6.5 / dante virtual soundcard (laptop) to a system (without DHCP), a watchpax 20 device and a yamaha rio 32/24 i / o box, they saw each other perfectly and on the main timeline the sound worked perfectly on 8 channels, but if i used it on the auxiliary timeline then only the first two dante channels were willing to sound. Is this a bug or could I have spoiled something? has anyone encounter
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