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  1. Display & Production computer specs Provided as is and intended as a starting point for a Display computer build. JANUARY 2015 WATCHOUT Display 4U - JAN15 - Z97 - LGA1150.pdf WATCHOUT Display 4U - JAN15 - X99 - LGA2011-3.pdf EARLIER CONFIGURATIONS WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - 2013 mar SB LGA1155.pdf WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - 2013 mar IB LGA1155.pdf WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - 2013 mar SB-E LGA2011.pdf WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - 2013 mar SB-E LGA2011 AMD FIREPRO.pdf WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - 2012 apr SB LGA1155.pd
  2. WATCHOUT 5.5.2 is now possible to download from http://www.dataton.com/downloads again. Sorry.
  3. Hi! Pretty crowded at the stand when we showed WATCHPAX for the first time. Second and third Images show the new WIRETAG and WATCHPAX below a display. Here is more about WATCHPAX. And WIRETAG. Regards Jan
  4. Neil, You can find the previous topic if you search for "show file". Also click on the button to the right of search text which asks for which section. Select "This forum". Regards, Jan
  5. There are two Training Movies on our site for this: http://www.dataton.com/watchout/training-movie/keying_making_a_video_background_transparent http://www.dataton.com/watchout/training-movie/keying_transparent_powerpoint_slides Regards, Jan
  6. No. You have to get new version 5 dongle/license keys. See http://www.dataton.com/store/product/watchout/watchout_upgrade Please also see this post about running a version 4.5.1 show with version 5 license keys: http://dataton.com/forum/forum-2/announcement-7-watchout-451-for-version-4-and-version-5-license-keys/ Best regards, Jan
  7. This could help instead of the shotgun approach: WATCHOUT Display & Production computer Tweaking list. http://dataton.com/forum/topic/269-watchout-5-technical-notes/page__hl__tweaking__fromsearch__1 Regards, Jan
  8. WATCHOUT | Art. No. 3150 Consists of a single license key/dongle. You need one license key for each WATCHOUT display computer and one license key for the WATCHOUT production computer. If you just want to test the software without display computers connected, there is no need for license keys.
  9. The link was faulty but is now working again. Better send these kind of web site questions to someone at a dataton email address. See dataton.com/contact Best regards, Jan
  10. WATCHOUT does not use the fonts inside the PSD file. It only uses the pre-rendered image in the file. /Jan
  11. The following posts are pasted in from the old forum as it was sent in the middle of the transition to this forum. Admin mpt_adam: I’ve got a show on the road right now with a time code/lighting issue. Using time code to call up cues on a Hog 3. We’ve done this before with a similar setup, but I haven’t been onsite so I’m not sure what the board used then was. In this instance, we’re using wo 5, and the audio playback is coming out of the production laptop. According to Jim Kellner, this should work. I’ve got them rustling up enough XLR cable to try getting the display pc’s signal se
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