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  1. Yes, any iOS or Android mobile device can be addad as a "Display Spot" in Blocks. Page 5 in the manual: Spots Locations of interest, such as displays, theaters, geographic locations or positions inside a building, are commonly referred to as spots. The spots are listed on the left hand side on the Display page, (see above) and can be arranged into groups and sub-groups as desired to simplify navigation and programming. Spots also include mobile devices, which may be a permanent part of the system (such as an iPad used as an operato
  2. You do not have to look for custom development. There is a standard solution on the market which does exactly what you want to do: Controlling (and synchronising) playback between mobile devices and WATCHOUT. It is called PIXILAB Blocks®. For more information, please study the short manual: https://pixilab.se/outgoing/blocks/PIXILAB-Blocks.pdf PS Search for "WATCHOUT" in the pdf document
  3. Very sad. Mark was such positive and genuine spirit. RIP.
  4. Hi Ruben! If you want a rock solid solution for controlling WATCHPAX, DMX etc from touchscreens or mobile devices, I would be delighted tell you more about our PIXILAB Blocks system http://pixilab.se/blocks. Please contact me off forum so we can continues the discussion. Speak soon, fredrik@pixilab.se
  5. StaffVerneir, don't waste your valuable time. Use a turn-key control system that works PIXILAB Blocks can control WATCHOUT in ways similar to WATCHNET, including built-in support for "Sleep" and "Wake-On-LAN".
  6. Hi Shane! This sounds like the Chrome issue that effect certain touch-screens (interfaces) - but not all. The last version I know works for all is v60.0.3112.114. (Sep 2017)
  7. Hi! We (PIXILAB) might have a solution for you. Can you shed som light on how the authentication works. Is it done with credentials (name and password) or with a certificate? Fredrik S at pixilab.se
  8. I know this is an old thread, but I know forum members are constantly searching the forum for advise and solutions and sometimes the hit is an "oldie". So, regarding this topic, we had exactly the same problem, using exactly the same interface - the ELC Buddy. And it was indeed the ELC buddy which caused the issues described above. Swapping interface to a standard ENTTEC ODE solved the problem.
  9. Hi Giri! Yes, the Epiphan AV.io family is plug and play with WATCHPAX, providing you have the latest firmware installed in your WATCHPAX (this is important - please check with Dataton regarding WATCHPAX firmware versions for USB Capture drivers). I have even used dual interfaces, on a single WATCHPAX4, on several projects. All the best and good luck with your projects. PS I think there was a small problem in one of the firmware-versions where you had to make a re-load (Stage menu/Manage Display Computer/Remote Access) of WATCHOUT in the WATCHPAX after boot up. Otherwise, it could
  10. Nice job, Benoit. And good use of the "interaction name" feature. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Hi Samuel! Thanks for your post. I had a look at the C900 at ISE. It is a very interesting card. Although it will probably work from the technical point of view, there is currently a limitation in WATCHOUT, which is set to 6 outputs. So currently there will be no joy with card in WATCHOUT Over to the guys at Dataton for a comment.
  12. Just to avoid potential misunderstandings: You can record multiple DMX (Artnet) universes and play them back in WATCHOUT (in version 5 and 6). You just add one "DMX recording" media for each universe. You bring them in as cues on different layers on the timeline. You align the cues to start at the correct time and record as many as you want... but, as Mikes says above, 110 universes might be a bit extensive. FYI, at a reacent staging project they successfully recorded 4 full universes (2,048 channels) for moving light fixtures and played everything back in perfect sync together with proj
  13. Speed control of video playback is a new feature in version 6. Frame-blending has been available since version 5.
  14. Do you want to import Photoshop layers to separate Watchout media elements? One of our long-time users, Keith Tromer of Corporate Imaging has written an application which does just that! It trims, positions and sets centered anchor points. It even optionally creates elements in compositions and deals with blend modes! I’m thoroughly impressed with what Keith has accomplished, and I can definitely see the utility of such program. --- At this time, it is not available for release, they are testing the waters to find out if there would be enough interest to warrant a public release. Have
  15. Not sure anyone dares to join you for a beer if you wear that mask HAPPY NEW YEAR, Christian
  16. Page 148 in the WATCHOUT USER's GUIDE is good place to start... Best regards, Fredrik Svahnberg Dataton
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