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  1. The drawback with spout is that it would have to run on the actual display computer that is running our display software, and that could have a negative effect on performance. Also, you would not be able to share the spout image, to render on more than one media server. However, when using NDI, the image can be rendered on a separate computer in the network, and shared to several media servers.
  2. I tried downloading that VW bus file as a .OBJ, and it seems to have UV map coordinates, and I was able to import it to WO without any problem. You probably downloaded it in .PLY format, which doesn't have support for UV map.
  3. I can recommend you to read the user manual on the subject, in the section 3D MAPPING PROJECTOR. Here you can see, among other things, that both the Lens Shift and the Width/Distance Ratio properties can be either locked (which means you need to calculate them yourself) or let them be determined by the calibration.
  4. Yes, you can use live video, and any kind of video media in WATCHOUT, on a 3D object. Either by dropping it directly on the object, or via a virtual display.
  5. Hi Alex, To be able to help you, we need more information: What version of Watchout are you running? What does the error message say, exactly? When does the message appear, what where you doing at the time? How does the message appear? (Message window, popup dialog etc) Regards Josef
  6. Hi kFrogStudio, To investigate this issue, I would like to know a couple of things: 1. What version of WATCHOUT are you using? 2. You mention that free-running and looping videos have worked before. What version of WATCHOUT was that? 3. When you where running a free-running looping movie on main timeline for two days, where you controlling the show from a production computer, or from an external controller such as WATCHNET? Regards Josef
  7. I really can't say. As usual there are no limitations in WATCHOUT to the amount of things you can do. There is no limitation on timelines, layers in timelines, video and image cues, and so on. And there is no limitation on the number of virtual displays. When it comes to performance, it depends very much on your show: How many displays are connected to your device, what other things you want to do at the same time, like playing lots of high resolution video content. All those things can have an impact on the performance. That is why it's very hard to give any general guidelines, even on one specific device. One thing I can say, is that having one high resolution virtual display, is much less heavy for the display computer, than having multiple low resolution virtual displays, that combined could have the same resolution as the high resolution one. That could be something to consider, when designing your show. It's quite possible that we, in the future, may have some sort of benchmark examples. Like on this device you can play this many 4k videos while having that many virtual displays with this resolution. But that would just have to be examples, and couldn't possibly cover every use case. In conclusion, you'll just have to try it out and see what works for you.
  8. To be fair, Live Update and Virtual Displays did not exist in version 5.5.2, so they couldn't have worked flawlessly then. That being said, It's quite possible that Live Update has not been tested when performing the intricate operations that you describe, and that this feature is still a bit rough around the edges. Therefore I can not, at this time, recommend having Live Update on continuously while working on the show, and only turning it on when you need to place things correctly on the stage, for example, in relation to real world objects.
  9. Like you say, it's very dependent on your system, and what other things you want to do at the same time, like playing lots of high resolution video content may also have an impact on the performance. That is why it's very hard to give any general guidelines, you'll have to try it out and get a feeling for it yourself.
  10. It is not possible to change the order of transformations. However, you may be able to achieve what you are after by placing the 3d object inside a composition. Then you can to the constant Y rotation on the inner 3d object, while doing the other rotations on the outer composition. Hope this helps!
  11. It seems your auto saved show file got corrupted somehow. However, in the auto save folder of your show (named as your show file, followed by "_autosave") you should be able to find more time stamped auto save files. Try opening one of them (after copying it out to the folder of the original show file).
  12. Hi, It seems your files are exported with a quite old version of FBX, that not even Blender is able to import. Try and see if you can export with a newer version, maybe in your exporter settings, or by updating to a newer version of C4D, or by using a different software. Regards Josef
  13. This is all great feedback, matkeane! Some comments: Maybe this is not exactly what you are looking for, but since 6.2 you have been able to copy tweens from one cue, and pasting them onto multiple other cues at once. This shouldn't be too difficult to add...
  14. Hi, What version of WATCHOUT are you using? /Josef
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