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  1. Check the Magewells... quite good
  2. Did you try sending the strings from another terminal (putty, simplecom, etc) so you are sure you are sending correct command ?
  3. Hi Drop me an email niki@seg.live and I'll help. We are both Watchout and Crestron partners
  4. RBeddig is quite right, I totally forgot NDI You can try directly with this app - it turns your iPhone into NDI camera https://apps.apple.com/us/app/newtek-ndi-camera/id1154238083
  5. use BYOD like Barco Clickshare, Kramer VIA, Extron Sharelink or whatever and send the HDMI output to a capture card
  6. We've used Thunderbolt3 -> USB3 convertor with Magewell USB3 Capture Plus and it works nice
  7. I've tested both E2 and AnalogWay (unfortunately none of them currently in our rental). Any solution that gives you fast and seamless switching between the main and the backup and minimum delay will be fine according to me.
  8. Hi I have a question - is anybody reading support@dataton.se ? I've received a crash msg saying "Send dump files to support@" and I have sent the link with the files a week ago. Files are still not downloaded and I don't even have a response.
  9. I can confirm - using the driver version from June 23rd in user mode solves most of the problems
  10. Since we are experiencing similiar issues on brand new display computers I've just checked for a new driver version before trying the fix - there is a new driver dated 23rd June. Tomorrow we'll test and I'll post if problems are fixed
  11. Hi Tnx for the answer. I know there is no limitation in WO, it was more a question if I can mix signals in the same capture card based on someone's experience with this capture card, I saw some threads in the forum showing people are using it. Meanwhile I've just received answer from a Datapath distributor, he says different standards in same capture card is not a problem... we'll see in a few weeks when we test on air
  12. Hi All! Does anyone has experience with that capture card? Is it possible to mix the types of input signals, i.e. 3x SD-SDI and 1x HD-SDI and use all of the simultaneously as inputs in WO ?
  13. Ati Firepro W9100 / W7100 with S400 sync if applicable
  14. Hi.. not only blinking... a whole crashing... Last minute update - we've consolidated their show and we just tested on our rental machines (WO 6.0, no VNC) - and we also got "Not responding" program... It should be something with the codec
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