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  1. 14 hours ago, Rinuusllc said:

    the wo production software freezes in standby how to fix this wo 6.5


    Not a lot of information there. 

    Your screen shot shows offline, but not in Standby,

    please provide more information on the circumstances preceding the “freeze” and describe what you mean by “freeze”?

    Guess 1 Had a customer whose production server would worked flawlessly in editing and cue to cue run through, but would freeze during a show when waiting in pause for the point in the live presenters script to trigger the next cue. Turns out the run throughs never paused as long as the real shows, and a prolonged pause convinced Windows that a period of inactivity is occurring and low priority background tasks would kick-in, crashing WATCHOUT. Of course, a properly prepared server has those things disabled. ie improperly prepared Windows system Problem: improperly prepared production server  Solution: Clean install of Windows and required drivers, run the tuning list completely and correctly.


  2. You are correct, most likely your camera is at 60 fps and it is not in synch with the WATCHOUT Display output. Reducing your cameras rate to 30 fps is a potential solution. If you must record at 60fps, a WATCHPAX 60B or 60C contains a hardware synch card (or any server with a hardware synch card) that can be genlocked to house reference which would also require you to genlock the camera as well.

  3. The most common cause is a second network interface in the production computer. Your description exactly matches that issue. 

    Did someone activate WiFi in your production computer recently?

    If you require two NICs, then the WATCHOUT NIC must be the first NIC in Windows NIC order to prevent this. If there is only one NIC, this issue will not occur. If you search the forum, you will find numerous posts with this issue. A recent post in the responses even includes info on how to change Windows NIC order in Win 10.

    There are other potential causes for what you describe, but your post indicates you have already eliminated those issues.

  4. 7 minutes ago, DDDD said:

    Hello is mp4 okay??

    A very qualified yes. The mp4 codec has many option settings and those parameters can significantly affect stability. For example, an mp4 with bi-directional frames will probably play ok once in a quick test, but run that same file over and over again over the course of a day and it will often take the server down. 

    The encoding setrings for mp4 are similar to mp2, so the details described in this article apply to mp4 as well. reference: https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/how-to-encode

  5. localHost is always the device itself. So are you saying the iPad can not see itself? 

    Otherwise, while the server computer running a browser can see the local server as localHost, any other device on the network (like an iPad) must use the valid network address of fhe Network Interface of the server.

  6. 3 hours ago, RuryBild said:

    Hi, cheers for that. Is it possible to manually install the drivers needed? (Found an installer on the Lindy website, specifically for Windows 7) Or is that not possible/recommended?

    Not possible / recommended. It would defeat the purpose of a locked down predictable / repeatable configuration. At the very least, if you were to figure a way to hack it, it would void all warranty and support. 

  7. 54 minutes ago, matkeane said:

    It would be nice if we could rename media cues in the timeline. On a recent project, each scene ended up with a bunch of copies of 'black square blur 50px.jpg'. It would be great if each instance of a media cue could be renamed with something more informative like 'Mask top', 'Mask left', etc.

    I know we can rename layers, but there always seems to come a time when I have to quickly move cues to a different layer to make room for a new clip, and then the naming scheme gets messed up. Likewise, I guess I could add and rename a 'Play' cue, but that means moving 2 cues around or else the label will get separated from its media cue. And since hovering over a cue reveals the media name, and the 'locate media' button takes me to the source, it seems like renaming media cues wouldn't break any workflows.

    Possibly put them in a composition?

  8. The error code is from Windows, not WATCHOUT. As you can not install drivers on a WATCHPAX, it may indicate the lack of a driver needed for that device.

    Most people would use an HDMI to NDI Ethernet adaptor when using a WATCHPAX to bring in a live signal.

  9. 26 minutes ago, Faab said:

    Very good suggestion, I didn't know the trick with adding an output set to address 512. However it didn't solve my issue, which leaves me to think that the empty Sequence byte might be the problem here.

    Understood, but that is a valid transmission and that device is not fully compliant with the standard if it is refusing to accept that Sequence byte.

  10. i am no expert, but could it be that particular lighting device considers any transmission not containing the full 512 addresses as a flawed transmission and ignores it? The standard does not require all addresses be transmitted. Yet sending the full range is the norm for most consoles, etc. WATCHOUT is the outlier.  Still, as you can see other devices deal with it.

    Easy enough to check. Add a DMX Output in the same universe and set it to address 512. This forces WATCHOUT to transmit the entire range.

  11. I see you have cross posted this in the Facebook WATCHOUT User Group. So i will duplicate my response from that thread.

    It is true, Dataton does not support specific vendors products. Dataton supports standards. Prior to v6.3, Dante was supported via the Microsoft WDM standard. v6.3 and later changed audio support to the more modern profesional standard ASIO (and the newer Microsoft standard WASAPI). Dante Virtual Sound card offers support for both WDM & ASIO standards.
    So when migrating from versions before 6.3 to 6.3 and later you may very well need to reinstall audio drivers. Also, with 6.3+ make sure that WO output sample rate is identical to Dante’s output rate. Those values have to match. In WATCHOUT 6.2.2 this is something out of user control(and setup automatically), but with WO 6.3. and higher this has to be set up manually. 
    DVS has been a topic of conversation among the support team earlier this week and they assure me that current WATCHOUT versions are tested and confirmed working with Dante Virtual Sound card. And no, there has been no recent changes related to Dante in ASIO WATCHOUT versions, if it works with 6.6.5 it should work with any 6.3+ version.

  12. 54 minutes ago, Ade said:

    Thank you very much.

    I tried to select Speakers(Realtek High Definition Audio) before, my speaker also hadn't audio out. 

    Which audio interface do you suggest? I tried to use scarlett audio interface 2i2 3rd gen, but WATCHPAX 4 no working.

    The speaker selection should work for the 3.5mm output. Might check the connections and impedance match.

    What build is your WATCHPAX 4?

    The Focusrite 3rd gen driver is in the latest WATCHPAX 4 build (r38) only, you may need to update the build.

  13. It appears you are selecting Realtek Digital out. WATCHPAX have no built-in digital audio out.

    The 3.5mm jack is analog audio out, so the correct selection would be Speakers. (Would be more convenient if they just called it analog.)

    Timecode in requires a compatible USB audio interface (and you can only have one audio interface, so if you want to output audio and read timecode, a single interface must provide both).

    Current versions of WATCHOUT support ASIO for the audio input - i.e. ASIO for both output and input. (much older ASIO versions of 6 used a mix of ASIO output, but DirectX for input.)

  14. All WATCHPAX 2 include support for version 5.5.x. Most WATCHPAX 2 include support for any version 6 variant, up to and including the most recent version 6 release (6.6.5 as of today). There are some early production WATCHPAX 2 that only support v5.5.x. To be sure, use the License Manager in WATCHOUT 5.5.x Production to check supported versions.

    The reason you should check with 5.5.x if you are unsure of v6 support is you must go online to check the version. If you go online using v6 production on a v5 only WATCHPAX 2, you will “brick” the unit, requiring it to be returned for service to restore.

    v5.5.x only WATCHPAX 2 can be electronically upgraded to v6 in the field for the standard upgrade fee. 
    For  more information on this see: https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/how-to-upgrade-a-watchpax-server-from-watchout-version-5-to-version-6

    For future searches that may hit this topic, information on the oldest version you may use in WATCHPAX (all models) https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/watchout-versions-for-different-watchpaxes-watchmaxes

  15. 3 hours ago, RBeddig said:

    I actually can't see an active cable on their website.

    https://manhattanproducts.eu/collections/video-cables?gf_185653=DisplayPort Cable&gf_185654=3.0 m (10 ft.)&gf_185687=DisplayPort Male%2BHDMI Male

    It should clearly say "active" in the description. The resolution doesn't say anything.

    Thank you for checking that Rainer.

    3 hours ago, RBeddig said:

    The problem with AMD cards is that they only have two clocks driving the outputs whereas every output needs to be clocked. That's were the active adaptors take over.

    And to make things more confusing on AMD cards, those two legacy signal clocks can be dynamically assigned to any two of the four outputs. This is the anomalous behavior i referred to in the post above.

    i.e. AMD cards can only support two passive adaptors. And the ports supporting passive adaptors can dynamically change.

    As native DisplayPort output does not require the legacy clocks, using only active adaptors eliminates this concern.


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