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  1. Once upon a time, Dataton provided a simple free of charge “web app” to do this. However, newer security provisions in iOS prevent that type of app today (i believe iOS 9 was the last version that worked with the iOS WATCHOUT Remote web app). The easiest way today is to use WATCHNET. Although WATCHNET is frozen, it still supports features prior to WATCHOUT 6.4. (i.e. do not use Task window folders and you will be fine with the current version). However, WATCHNET requires a non-display server PC and a WATCHNET license (i.e. a WATCHNET License is any WATCHOUT License that supports WAT
  2. You did not indicate the specific version of WATCHOUT. There is an anomaly in some WATCHOUT versions where NDI when all the computers involved set are to fixed IP addresses. Try setting all your computers to DHCP to see if that straightens it out.
  3. Yes, you can control display computers directly, aka cluster mode. Turn off your production computer when controlling in cluster mode. Reboot your display computer. After sending authenticate 1 send a load “yourshow” to establish cluster mode (where “yourshow” is the exact case sensitive name of your show, same as the .watch file name without the .watch portion). typically the presence of production results in the no authority error, as production locks out most control when it is present.
  4. It is possible to load a new show without the image being interrupted between the shows. granted, there is a pause. as for automated, the second show can be loaded from the first show.
  5. Just curious, why not just create different shows for each scenario and switch between them?
  6. quotes may be in wrong place, try "C:\ProgramFiles\Dataton\Watchout 6\Watchpoint.exe” -Showspath /F:/Shows/ and if example above line wraps, to be clear there is a space between the ending double quote and the hypen beginning the command line switch
  7. Thanks for the help Rainer. No task window folders in this show, will be sure to avoid them. While i do place loopback cues, i also trim the timeline duration to march the cue duration.
  8. I am being told second hand that Medialon can not run or kill WATCHOUT auxiliary timelines in cluster mode. Can that be true? I am hoping something is ‘lost in the translation’. It is very important that auxiliary timeline control is available. The main timeline is used exclusively for re-mapping since it can not be killed. Much safer to keep the main timeline closed and show programming placed in auxiliary timelines so that there is little chance the mapping is accidentally disturbed.
  9. The DataPath utility uses the proprietary DataPath driver, WATCHOUT uses the WDM driver. Since they are using different drivers that conclusion is invalid.
  10. Dataton provided a developers tool kit with documentation under the name WATCHOUT System Manager for many years. It was withdrawn due to lack of interest. The toolkit included a functioning sample application that does exactly what you describe, it would retrieve information of all control cues (and provide that list through the user interface for quick 'goto' any control cue within a timeline). The control cues containing a 'pause' argument were used to automatically generate a countdown timer along the lines of what you describe. i.e. whenever a timeline is playing you will see a countd
  11. And as you seem to grasp, that will benefit from chunks, I would try 4 chunks for that size/refresh rate. While reinstalling the software is certainly OK, it is an unnecessary process with extra steps that increase the potential for introducing new errors. Repair should correct things like corrupted codecs, license key drivers, etc. and has less potential to introduce new variables. I assume you ran the Windows 10 Tweaking Guide. Unless you doubted your clean install and applications of the tweak list were run correctly the first time, this seems unnecessary. Absolutely
  12. Agreed, it is possible to make the BlackMagic Design WDM driver work. That said, the BMD WDM driver is idiosyncratic. A customer reported they were able to successfully get it to work, but it took significant hours of research, trial and error. Windows build, driver version number, and something they chose not to divulge were needed to tweak their system to function properly with a BMD card. On later servers that customer abandoned BlackMagic Design and switched to Magewell capture cards. Yes, if I recall correctly, there are two entries for each output and with some driver versions th
  13. I suggest you re-open the watchout installer and select repair. Also, what are the resolution and frame rate of the movie? (larger movies may need a chunk parameter to perform correctly)
  14. HAP, HAP-Q or HAP Alpha (NOT HAP-Q Alpha)
  15. WATCHOUT does not support h.265. Is that a typo. h.264 is mp4? If it is h.264, WATCHOUT only supports level 5.2, so frame rate may come into play at 4k.
  16. WATCHNET works much the same way as WATCHOUT Production - when it is communicating with the WATCHOUT Displays, all other IP control methods are locked out.
  17. No, not at this time. The outdated version used in the tweaking guide is still the recommended version. With every incremental release of Windows 10 Microsoft has changed / broken / fixed critical areas related to WATCHOUT. Attempting to use newer releases will trip you up in these areas. WATCHOUT is tuned to the version indicated. That said, if you find it necessary you may apply security updates only to the specified version. When Dataton updates to a newer Windows 10 release it will be posted in this forum.
  18. Black Magic Media Express uses a proprietary Black Magic driver. WATCHOUT requires a generic Windows Driver Model (WDM) driver. BMD Media Express confirms the physical connection for WATCHOUT, it does NOT confirm the drivers required for WATCHOUT. BMD WDM drivers are notoriously difficult to get right, most experienced users avoid BMD for this reason.
  19. Just curious, have you quit all Scalable software prior to opening watchpoint or watchmaker? Pretty sure Scalable and WATCHOUT will interfere with each other.
  20. Probably not. File transfer will likely work as it is TCP connection. But play will not work and synch will not work properly as those communicaitons are UDP broadcast, and broadcast typically will not work with an external network.
  21. You might want to re-run the WATCHOUT installer and choose ‘Repair’. Installing a third party codec might overwrite the WATCHOUT codec, uninstalling the third party codec would not correct the issue. Repair should re-install the WATCHOUT codec.
  22. jfk

    Mark Watzl

    Mark Watzl has passed after a battle with COVID-19. This was posted by Mark's son on Facebook on Saturday 02-May-2020. My condolences to Mark's family. Mark will be missed. Mark was a long time producer who has worked with WATCHOUT going back to its beginnings. In conjunction with David Branson, Mark was the co-producer of the original WATCHOUT 2 day Training course commissioned by Show Sage back in 2004. May he rest in peace.
  23. Most likely, your issue on production is performance of the production computer. If the production computer is powerful enough, it should play just fine, it’s the same software. An alternative, would be to use a video proxy and add a separate reduced resolution HAP Q movie for the preview to lighten the preview load. (Note, it is critical any preview movie be the same codec and settings as the actual movie). Granted there’s a lot of manual set up involved in doing it that way, but it might get you around the problem. Or it could be a configuration issue with the Production computer, other
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