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  1. I have seen this occur a few times when the customer installed VNC on the computer. (WATCHOUT already installs VNC). Simply uninstalling the second VNC copy was not enough to correct, as the second VNC install mucked with WATCHOUT VNC registry settings and the uninstall does not put the WATCHOUT settings back. Fortunately they were using Show Sage WATCHOUT computers, so a simple Acronis restore of the original tuned and tested installation cured the issue.
  2. sashahc, what is the frame rate of your 1080p videos? That is certainly a valid question. HP Z800 is fairly generic. Covers two motherboards, 14 potential processors and even more drive storage options. Both the available motherboards indicated in the above spec are for aging standards replaced in 2011 with higher throughput versions. Seems those motherboards only support SATA-II, SATA-III with double the throughput would usually be required for the demands you indicate. Depends on if the limiting factor is the drive throughput, motherboard throughput or processo
  3. Uninstalling a second VNC installation may not be enough. You may need to repair or re-install WATCHOUT, as the uninstall of the second VNC copy does not restore the registry settings for the WATCHOUT installed copy. ymmv
  4. Sorry, can't help with that. Have you tried Barco? Although, for the serial control, I would highly recommend using an IP to serial converter with a WATCHOUT IP string device. That way you are not relying on a serial port in a display computer, more flexible, replacing a computer in the system will be easier. In the string cue, you would enter that exactly as ... $80$7E$00$22$42$00$80$7F$0D The 0x prefix is shorthand to indicate a hex value. The WATCHOUT string cue uses the dollar sign prefix instead. there is no letter o in hex, only valid letters are A-B
  5. Understand the desire for flexibility, but running the GPU at x16 and two PCIe x4 slots requires a motherboard suited to the task. Pretty sure the E2S reduces that to GPU at x16 and just one x4 slot. We did encounter motherboards with the physical slots that could not run the three card combination without slowing something down. Either the GPU would stepdown to x8 or one of the x4 slots would step down to x1. In one case where there were five slots with physical connections at x4 or higher, it was dependent on which slots were chosen and additional x1 cards factored in too. Test under full lo
  6. Isn't the processor throughput and workload dependent on the Live Video - Deinterlacing setting? Interlaced video is deinterlaced in the cpu, and that is an intensive task, but when receiving progressive video and deinterlacing is set to none, doesn't the stream bypass the cpu and dma direct to the GPU, eliminating the cpu load?
  7. No. That is not what in-time does. --- It is simple to open the video in any video editing tool (even QuickTime Pro) and copy a frame from the video so that you can use it as a still. No bugs here.
  8. Yes, absolutely 25% is enough. And your 256 pixel result is very good too, as your projector will have 256 steps of intensity per pixel, that would be considered an ideal situation.
  9. The lighting console should have a standard MIDI jack built in like the one on the FastLane USB box, you should only need one FastLane USB for the WATCHOUT computer. Connecting multiple MIDI cables with barrels is valid. Could also make your own custom length or order one from one of the houses online who offer custom cable services, like Cables to Go.
  10. Any MIDI interface that is compatible with the version of Windows you are running should do well. I personally use the MOTU FastLane USB. Relatively inexpensive, easy to find, almost any musical instrument store will typically carry it. I have used it successfully with WATCHOUT 4 and WATCHOUT 5 running on Windows XP Home 32 bit and Windows 7 Professional, both 32 and 64 bit. I have used it to chase MSC from a lighting console connected to Production (WATCHOUT 4 and WATCHOUT 5.0+) and have also used it connected directly to WATCHOUT 5.1+ Display (no production station), work
  11. jfk


    WATCHOUT Remote only works with standalone display computers (a cluster), the production computer must not be connected. As long as the production computer is connected, WATCHOUT Remote will not connect. With the production computer removed, WATCHOUT remote can connect to any display computer, does not matter which one you connect to, all display computers used in a show contain the necessary information to be the "cluster master". Once you connect to a display computer and select a show, which designates it as the "cluster master", the cluster master will communicate with all other
  12. That information has been posted here earlier under the topic: MPEG Settings
  13. Maybe I am taking that to literally, but simply making a text file with just the .watch file name will not work. Please post the full contents of your cmd.txt file for us to evaluate.
  14. From a WATCHOUT perspective that is certainly the case. The guys at Christie Digital tell me they offer projector models where a single 3D projector provides independent left and right eye inputs that will accepts the separate left eye right eye feeds provided by WATCHOUT, and the projector combines them into the single output for use with active glasses. I am pretty sure the Christie Mirage WU20K-J 3D 3-DLP projector is in that category, but you should confirm that with Christie.
  15. and to extend on that, you do not need a capture card on Production, only display. A capture card on Production is optional, if you do not put one there, the live feed window will appear as a default thumbnail image in Production preview. It has been that way in WATCHOUT since the live video option was added to WATCHOUT long ago.
  16. Yes, but to do so, the machine running both production and dynamic image server must then have two keys connected. Also, when running both software packages on the same machine, dynamic images will not be available in production preview.
  17. Yes, provided the channel assignment is done in the file itself - WATCHOUT can not assign output channels. An Adobe Air utility to change channel assignments of wav files is available here: channelshifter.air
  18. Yes. Reference the WATCHOUT 5.2 User Guide - Chapter 11 Inputs and Outputs pg 206 - String Output or this thread: Christie LX505 control Consult Christie or your projector's user guide with any questions about control strings for your particular Christie projector model.
  19. Once you have loaded the content with production, yes, for playback, you can run a WO show without a production computer Yes No
  20. Absolutely yes, since version 2.0 . Long before the Flash API was provided, that would have been the only way to do it. No need for that, this is documented in the WATCHOUT 5 User Guide, Appendix E Display Cluster Protocol starting on page 247. Yes, as noted above.
  21. The EDID utility is supported by the FirePro series. The HD 7870 is a Radeon series card. Less optimistic about it working on Radeon cards, but we will give them a try as well.
  22. Before yesterday I would have said no, but spoke with some AMD guys at InfoComm and discovered such a solution does exist for the FirePro line. Don't have it yet, just got back from InfoComm, but it is on our todo list for next week. Will post back after we know more.
  23. I do not know why you feel it is not accessible. The number of Adobe Flash programmers in the world likely exceeds the number of WATCHOUT programmers by a factor of hundreds of thousands more. It is a ubiquitous tool popular for use in web applications - the established knowledge base is vast. And you are not limited to Flash, it is just one option. Use any programming language / panel building system you feel comfortable with, all that is required is the ability to send TCP/IP commands to WATCHOUT. A tool like that would be a learning curve for everyone, as it is new
  24. Go to the WATCHOUT 5 User Guide, page 241, Appendix D Production Computer Protocol. The information needed to control Production is there. That said, the direct control of display will always be more reliable, as there is no way to make an accidental change in the program when controlling display directly. Production's primary purpose is to manage the content on the players, so when it is in the system, there is always a chance something may change, intended or accidental. I am curious as to what you mean by "u a have limits to what it can do"? From a playback control perspect
  25. I suspect by "more complete" you mean custom to your specific needs. Dataton has provided tools for exactly such needs. WATCHOUT Systems Manager is a compilation of tools for custom panel development using standard tools like Adobe Flash or any tool capable of TCP/IP communication. There are sample open source control panels that provide a working starting point for developers. Shortly the support for panel development will increase with "Cook Book" recipes for developing Flash and iOS panels to control WATCHOUT. Those tools are debuting this week at the WATCHOUT Academy an
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