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  1. x2 I experienced the same phenomena feeding a Christie Digital Systems Vista Spyder. Fed three outputs to a Spyder from both a FirePro v7800 and a Radeon HD5770. Catalyst Control Center and WO displays set to 1920x1080. Spyder operator states his EDID is set to 1920x1080. The ATi GPUs did not think so, they would output 1920x1200 with the 1920x1080 image letterboxed in the overall raster. Initially the Spyder operator cropped the input back to the original 1920x1080 and we moved on. Next session, we added Lightware DA2DVI-HDCP-Pro2 EDID managers to all the outputs. The
  2. Uggh, I so hate running Production during presentation, but if you must, I would suggest programming to trigger the " 0 " key on the numeric keypad instead of spacebar. Spacebar is a toggle (start/ run - pause - start/ run - pause - start/ run - pause - ...). The keypad key is a positive start / run only (start/ run - start/ run - start/ run - start/ run - ...) And the Esc key is a positive pause.
  3. Short answer is yes. Simplest and safest way is to uninstall WATCHOUT and reinstall it on the RAID drive, then it will save all its assets there. Alternate way is described here: Forcing WO display pc's to use second disk When you use the command line trick, you must always start from the modified shortcut. When you install the WATCHOUT application software on the RAID, that is not a concern.
  4. There should be no guessing on the input device number. Confirm the input device number definition in WATCHOUT Display (watchpoint) is correctly defined. The input devices in the WATCHOUT Display computer must be assigned in the Display Computer's "Video In" menu before you can reference them in WATCHOUT Production. (reference WATCHOUT 5 User Guide, page 137). If the display computer has not properly defined the inputs, they will not be accessible.
  5. If the provided movie is not appropriate to the task, then your only choice may be to re-encode the movies your client provides to correct those shortcomings.
  6. Yes. You will find them in the location that you have installed watchout software in a folder called log
  7. We run our WATCHOUT Display systems with no anti-virus, no firewall. The WATCHOUT Display system has no public network connections, no anti-virus software, as per Dataton's recommendation in their Windows_7_Tweaking_list_2.1.pdf document. We do install a hard drive archiving system (Acronis True Image) on each WATCHOUT computer. When the system is built, Windows authenticated, tuned and tested, IP address set, etc. we scan the system for any form of infection. Once that is clear, we then make an image of the hard drive of each computer and store it on that each individual compute
  8. A pleasant surprise the delay is that small / good. The EasyCAP sure appears to be just an analog SD video capture device. Low res analog interlaced at traditional frame rates (29.97 / 25 fps) - ugh. As good as you need for 20th century analog SD video devices Probably not something you would want to use for a PowerPoint computer capture.
  9. I wonder if changing between production and remote may cause an issue with the remote connection issuing the load command, since the show is already loaded. The load command re-establishes the cluster for WATCHOUT remote. Try this, after going offline with production, quit WATCHOUT display on the server you are conecitng to with remote. Restart WATCHOUT Display so it is sitting at the WATCHOUT logo screen. Then connect to that display and load the show from WATCHOUT Remote. See if that does not clear that up. That is exactly the way that should work. When
  10. Well since your powerppoint laptop will output either analog RGB VGA or digital RGB DVI or DP or MDP or HDMI, the best choice would be Datapath: VisionRGB E1s/E2s/DL-DVI (VGA/Component/DVI/HDMI) That particular card requires a PCIe x4 expansion slot.
  11. Yes, Windows 7 support was added in version 4.1 That and any later version is compatible. Yes, it is found on dataton.com under WATCHOUT Downloads (scroll down until you find WATCHOUT 4.5.1). Note, your service must also have version 4.5.1 or newer on their system, or you may not be able to open the v4 show file you make. There are no trial versions of WATCHOUT per se, only the full release version. That said, the full release Production software has almost full function without the USB license key. Functions disabled without the key are 'online' (transfer of conte
  12. At 4 times 1080p resolution, simply saying i7 ain't good enough, not all i7 series computers are up to such a decoding task. I doubt any PC is capable of successfully playing back smoothly 1920x4320 with ProRes encoding / software decoding. For the equivalent of four or more HD streams, in addition your hi-speed SSD (500 MB/s or more), it is likely an i7 six-core Extreme Edition cpu with triple or quad channel memory would be required. What is the frame rate of the clips? Interlaced or progressive? Save your h.264 as an mp4 as described in Dataton AB's document: WATCHOUT - Co
  13. Yes Not sure what that means. There are a couple of six output models with Eyefinity. Nothing to do with licensing per se, everything to do with the technical limitations of the drivers under DirectX 3D. We used those cards (and now the newer replacement Asus Radeon HD 7970 model). With proper active Mini DisplayPort to DVI adaptors you can get six DVI outputs and synch is not a problem with the adaptors. If you want six identical outputs, The ATi FirePro v9800 has Eyefinity and six matching MiniDisplayPort outputs. A lot more expensive though. The real challenge is
  14. You can not. One and only one com port is supported per display computer, and it is always COM1. Most customers use IP to serial convertors to accomodate multiple rs-232 ports. Makes the com ports independent of the display computers so when you swap in a backup there is more flexibility without any additional serial port needs.
  15. Assuming the availability of two PCIe x4 slots, Is it possible to run two DeckLink HD Extreme 3D+ in one computer at the same time? I agree, the Datapath VisionSDI2 probably makes more sense, but for those who may already own the BlackMagic Design Extreme card and want to expand, a second BMD Extreme card may make more fiscal sense.
  16. Could you share any detail on the step ... " 4) Remove any eventual remaining WATCHOUT or WIBU-key/CodeMeter parts on the computer " ? Do you delete the folder that the watchout apps were in and make a new folder for the fresh install? Are there other parts we should be looking for?
  17. Not every setup needs that tweak, in fact, very few do. That is an adaptation of Windows 7 to make it work with older network switches that are not truly Windows 7 compliant. So why would you de-tune every WATCHOUT system to accomodate old hardware? A while back, I started to write a post on this, but discovered that different swtiches need different tweaks. Here is what I had so far, but decieded not to post originally. ==================================================================== Periodically we hear reports of very slow online / update times with WATCHOUT
  18. So to clarify, his source only provided an HDMI connection with both video and audio combined. OP was hoping to use the HDMI capture card in WATCHOUT to receive, breakout, and re-send the embedded audio signal to his sound system. As he discovered, WATCHOUT does not do that, so he found another product to breakout the audio from the HDMI to his sound system.
  19. According to the Pro Tools product manager I spoke with, Pro Tools 9 or 10 can output proper multi-channel wav files. I am sure Pro Tools support can help you determine how to do this.
  20. I agree it is not real easy, but it is possible. You do not do it in the driver per se. You hack the Windows registry. Show Sage offers custom resolutons poked into the Windows registry if specified at the time of a computer purchase. Customer still has to provide matching EDID from the display to make it active.
  21. With the proper capture card - yes. And the DataPath VisionRGB E2S is such a card, it will provide 2 unique catprue streams simultaneously. We have tested two DataPath Vision RGB E2S to capture four streams simultaneously, that has worked well too. Although the challenge is selecting a motherboard that can accommodate enough PCIe x4 slots in addiion to the PCIe x16 slot for the GPU.
  22. Timecode time does not equal stopwatch time. The timeline is calibrated in stopwatch time. I am sure if you ran those 27 minutes of timecode against a stopwatch, you would see the same discrepancy. Also, do not trust the automatic timecode setting, set the timecode type explicitly to avoid any calculaiton errors that would occur if the system automically sets the wrong timebase. I have looked for a good timecode calculator to convert timecode to stopwatch time. Have not found a good one for that specific task just yet.
  23. Outputting 960 by 320 is a Windows challenge, WATCHOUT can not overcome Windows. You will need to find a way to add the non-standard 960 by 320 resolution to Windows AND you must provide EDID to the display card that specifies that resolution is valid.
  24. Thanks for sharing your results. To clarify, the uninstall / reinstall forces a firmware upgrade of the card as part of the clean install of the driver? Does the installation process notify you the firmware upgrade is performed? Is there any way to query the DataPath hardware to determine it's firmware version? Thanks again.
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