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  1. Yes, posted by Dataton support in the topic Mpeg settings. Look at the attached file in post 2.
  2. Are you receiving any errors when going online or updating? Possibly a file is missing or no longer correctly attached to its media object? Would generate an error if so.
  3. Been using command files with WO 5.2 to start cluster playback since the day it was introduced, no issues. Double check to make sure the setting that hides known file type extensions is not on, your file may have a .txt.txt ending and only one of those two .txt would show if that setting is wrong.
  4. If there were to be a new timer / countdown cue, an option to target a control cue for duration would seem a flexible way to auto adjust a countdown when lengthening or shortening cues. In most cases that would be the pause for the next cue, but certainly not limited to that.
  5. x2 We use the OCZ Vertex3 SandForce Controller MLC NAND Flash SSD drives (and lots of them) with no unusual issues going back to Q2 2011.
  6. To be specific, the automatic cue count down is part of WATCHOUT Remote (WOremote), one of (WATCHMan) WATCHOUT System Manager's utiliities. That is supported by WATCHOUT Remote. With simple control cue tags in your timlines, you can mark any point for quick and accurate jumping from WATCHOUT Remote. Or you can jump to any time by simply typing it in. WATCHOUT Remote does that quite well. Of course, you define what a 'media clip' is in your timeline programming. Another of WATCHOUT Remote's strengths, it will adjust to such changes automatically.
  7. I think that my be a difference in the implementation of the MIDI standard. If you read the published protocol, there is no MIDI Channel 0, they start at 1. The published protocol states that MIDI channel 1 has a hex value of 0, so Korg may be interpreting things a bit differently. There are sixteen MIDI channels available. Some vendors choose to incorrectly label them 0-15 while others choose to correctly label them 1-16. So if your Korg offers 0-15, then likely Dataton MIDI channel 1 = Korg MIDI channel 0, etc.
  8. There are workarounds to trigger the main timeline from ArtNet/DMX - but do not do it. Best that is going to give you is a blind Go, and latency using that type of trigger is inconsistent. DMX is not a good choice for cues, it is a level based protocol with no direct correllation to cues. Does the lighting board you are using support MIDI Show Control (MSC)? MSC is a cue based protocol. That would be the best way for a lighting board to control a WATCHOUT Timeline. It works very well, is very consistent, and each triggering lighting cue is matched to an exact position on the t
  9. I had the same thought. What cloning software did you use to make them exactly the same?
  10. All display computers are managed through the connection to a single display computer. That single computer is known as the "cluster master". When you choose a show to load, the cluster master looks in the show file and determines the addresses of all the other computers in the group. The cluster master then contacts all the other computers on its own and manages their following along. So if your show file contains 12 display computers, all 12 computers are managed through the single connection. Any computer within the group can act as a master, does not matter which one you choose,
  11. I assume by the 'main computer' you mean WATCHOUT Production. The WATCOHUT Remote control app talks directly to the display(s), production must be turned OFF (or at least offline) to use WATCHOUT Remote.
  12. Well yes, they should. But the video codec settings can have an impact on that. With mpeg, wmv or h.264/mp4 set to CONSTANT bit rate (CBR) they will stay in synch. A movie encoded with variable bit rate (VBR), maybe not.
  13. This is a known BlackMagic bug that originates from the BlackMagic driver install. Please report it to BlackMagic. Maybe some day they will address if they hear about it enough. The bug is specific to PhotoJPEG movies. For whatever reason, BlackMagic is installing a PhotoJPEG codec. The codec installed by BlackMagic does not behave properly, i.e. it will not show up when a codec list is obtained from the OS, even though it should. And as a result, WATCHOUT can not blacklist that codec. Still, when the movie is played, the pita BlackMagic PhotoJPEG codec intercepts it.
  14. It could be the 'default enabled layer' feature, more info is needed. How is the layer disabled? From external control (WATCHOUT Remote, professional control system, etc.)? From WATCHOUT Production?
  15. Before you troubleshoot in WATCHOUT, have you confirmed the hardware by displaying the input signal in the input card vendor's utility? Do this first and work with them to get to that point. Then tackle WATCHOUT.
  16. The short answer is -- Yes. Deja vu all over again. The Show Sage R&D lab observed this issue in testing just yesterday. The Duo card requires PCIe x4 operation to achieve full function. I suspect, that for whatever reason, your PCIe expansion slot is not functioning at the x4 level. In our testing, we encountered an x4 slot that was only operating at x1. We observed that either input of the Duo alone would work normally. When both inputs were engaged, one would flash. This occurred when we had an additional input card in an adjacent slot. On the motherboar
  17. Not sure where you think WATCHOUT is telling you that, that information should come from the Sanyo protocol definition. The WATCHOUT documentation will tell you if you wish to send a hexadecimal value, then yes, you use a $ followed by 2 hexadecimal digits. But if you want to send ASCII, just type the characters. Last time I wrote commands for a Sanyo projector, the protocol was ASCII based. Serial settings were 19200,8,1,N But the projectors I wrote commands for did not have shutters, so maybe that all has changed. We did use video mute, which was written as .
  18. No. Nov 2013 - now there is, see edit above Anytime watchpoint initially loads, you will always see the logo screen, even with the -NoLogo switch. Once a show is loaded, you can keep it from re-appearing, but a show must be loaded first, or what would it show to indicate it is running - a black screen? That would still be confusing, so it does not, it displays the logo to confirm it has loaded.
  19. Sure, Logo screens are suppressed during update while in Standby at all times, startup switch not needed. Use standby layers with images you define instead of No Logo, switch to standby prior to updating, and switch back when you are done - that is what standby is for.
  20. While that confirms the hardware, it does not confirm the driver. The Datapath utility does not use the same DirectX driver that WATCHOUT requires. Datatpath has had some issues with their DirectX driver recently, they recently released a fix. Have you contacted Datatpath support to determine if what you are attempting is even possible with the DirectX driver?
  21. Just be aware that the capture card will fail with a digital signal requiring HDCP compliance. All set top boxes will require HDCP compliance on their digital outputs, and will shut down the digital out since HDCP is not supported by capture cards. If you can find an HD setup box with analog component output, the Intensity will accept that and anlog does not have HDCP. Providing you feed the same signal to the capture card in each computer - yes. No problem at all.
  22. I guess it is not clear - best results with multi-headed output cards are achieved with digital display connections. As Thomas L pointed out, when using analog connections like VGA or rgbhv, the output capability is reduced to the one that you are achieving. For additional analog outputs, you will need to convert the digital displayport signals to analog. Pick up some DisplayPort to VGA Video Adapter Converters to achieve additonal analog outputs.
  23. No, it is not true when only using the two DVI ports. They should work as expected when only those two ports are used. Are you using the AMD/ATi Catalyst Control Center to set up the outputs? (don't use the Windows control panel). Could you be experiencing an EDID issue with one of your displays?
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