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  1. Pretty sure powerDown requires authentication at level 2, as it is not a cluster command, it is an administrative command which (as you correctly point out) only affects a single watchpoint station (includes all WATCHPAX of course). There is also a command to grab the MAC address needed for Wake On LAN. reference:
  2. Well then the should work. What version are you using?
  3. It all depends on how you start the show on the display computer. If you open the show from an online production computer, ArtNet will not work on a standalone display. You must open the show from the display computer. This can be done with a startup script, or it can be done from IP control. The key command in either startup script or IP control is load . You must successfully execute a load command to establish a display computer as a "master", even if the show is already open on said display computer.
  4. FYI that 'feature' only works for control cues in the main timeline. And it only works in cluster mode, it does not work in production mode.The sting is sent to an active control connection (port 3039).
  5. No, active adaptors will not change the behavior. Provided all displays are powered on and available prior to WATCHPAX power up, and providing the WATCHPAX is powered down while all displays remain powered up and active - the display output numbering should not change on the next power up. Adding hardware EDID managers will allow you to achieve the necessary active displays at power down and prior to power up if need be.
  6. You might try 1080i30. Seems some vendors indicate 1080i60 when they mean 60 fields per second, while WATCHOUT means frames per second, and since there are two fields per frame, 1080i 60 fields = 1080i 30 frames.
  7. Depends how you define "proper synch". AMD cards require an S400 to achieve ScanLock, even with a single graphics card. (nVidia Quadro cards will provide ScanLock with a single card and no synch card).
  8. BTW WATCHOUT 6.6 was released last week and includes support for NDI 4.1
  9. No, RTTrPM is an open source protocol that is available to anyone, it is not a proprietary protocol.
  10. The protocol for position value motion tracking supported by WATCHOUT is RTTrPM (Real-Time Tracking Protocol - Motion). A google search of the kinesys / manufacturer's website for the RTTrPM protocol comes up blank. Google search for RTTrPM on kinesys.com So it does not look promising.
  11. You did not indicate your WATCHOUT version. There may be a bug related to output cues on aux timelines in some versions of WATCHOUT. For testing, try putting the cue in the main timeline.
  12. HEIC will not open inn MAcOS Sierra, so I cannot see your images. Never seen an issue with the output of the logo screens being blurry, very strange. BTW Always indicate the WATCHOUT version you are asking about.
  13. sort of. It is about how the specification is interpreted. With interlaced video, there are two fields per frame. (Progressive video does not have fields, only frames). I see some vendors who define interlaced 25 frames as 50 fields. i.e. 50 fields per second interlaced equals 25 frames per second interlaced.
  14. There is no guide on how to program Crestron. External control of WATCHOUT Display (cluster mode) is documented in the WATCHOUT User Guide. The information needed for any control system programmer is there. I am aware of numerous WATCHOUT systems operating in cluster mode controlled by Crestron systems. A very impressive one driving a flat panel wall behind a small stage off of the casino area at Ceaser's Palace. That system automatically picks up shows available on the display machine and provides a menu to choose from. Once a show is selected, it automatically finds all the ta
  15. The best way to move a show is via the function built-in to watchmaker for exactly that purpose, File - Consolidate To ... This allows you to save the result anywhere you want. Granted, that is not convenient going back and forth. But it is the most foolproof way to accomplish the task. Otherwise, you must be precise in the location you store your media assets. It is critical that you maintain relative file references for media by storing all media assets in the folder where your .watch file is located or subfolders of that folder. If you maintain this on all your computers, you sho
  16. Agreed. They are a side effect of a single basic error that is not shown in your list. You may have to look in the watchpoint log file to discover additional info.
  17. Thanks all for the feedback on performance. When providing such useful information it would be helpful if you included the WATCHOUT version providing the observed performance.
  18. Yes, the WATCHOUT License (USB key) must be connected and watchmaker must be online to send ArtNetDMX output. (there are some versions with a bug where some outputs work offline, but do not count on it).
  19. jfk


    While I know of no-one who has tested the DELTA-3G-elp 11, most likely you will be able to get the input to work. No way you will get the output to work.
  20. re: mp4 videos. Certain mpeg4 / h.264 encoding settings will result in unstable movie files that have been known to crash WATCHOUT, specially when looping. The notorious bi-directional frames are the biggest offender. Disabling them will result in a more stable file. Unfortunately, many encoding softwares do not provide a simple method of disabling bi-directional frames and they are almost always on be default. Often, coding profiles along the lines of Best Quality indicate the use of bi-directional frames and something along the lines of Good quality disables them. The profile names are misle
  21. jfk


    I do not have the information you request. Deltacast offers a variety of cards, and not all are supported in the standard WATCHOUT software. Could you be specific on the model of Deltacast card you are inquiring about?
  22. Budget is always a consideration. Ignoring any limitations in PowerPoint and addressing 8k solutions in general. 8K = 4 x 4K. Doubt you can get that out of a laptop, a more substantial Windows system would likely be needed for 8k. Cost no object, use an appropriately powerful GPU with four 4k outputs (like most WATCHOUT Display Server GPUs). Set that up in the gpu driver as a 2x2 extended desktop to get the 8K out of a Windows computer. Two DataPath VisionSC-DP2 to get those 4 x 4K into WATCHOUT. ka-ching Thanks to wiesemann for the reference. It indicates PowerPoint maxes out
  23. Yes, the FocusRite Scarlett 18i20 gen 3 is supported in WATCHPAX 4 r38. There is no hardware change involved.
  24. Depends on the age of the WATCHPAX 4. very recent WATCHPAX 4 FocusRite Scarlett 18i20 gen 3 Older WATCHPAX 4 GIGAPORT HD+ High Quality 24-bit 8-out USB Audio Interface Focusrite 18i20 is Scarlett gen 2 (note that the Focusrite USB interface have to be 2nd generation – 1st does not work, 3rd does not work with this version of the WATCHPAX 4 image) correct No Yes
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