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  1. Hi Mike, i will send u a Screenshot during the next days. I restart it every morning - i also made a restart when the error appears for the first time. No there are no more Production Software running on this Computer! One more running on the Backup Production Machine but staying in "offline-Mode". There are no Clipboard enhancement programs running. i will send it to you in the next days. Thank u and kind regards Ben
  2. Hi Guys, during the last 3 weeks of i recognized a problem what happens in some times, i want to Copy Cues and Files - by select them and press "Crtl + C" The Error appears : Watchmaker Error Failed to get Data from the clipboard error - 2147721040: openClipboard failed Can u tell me, why this error appears? It´s a serious problem, it makes some programming really buggy. Best regards Ben
  3. Nice app. Keep on going - looking forward to test the iPad App
  4. Hi Mike, these are Rental Machines from a Tech Supplier. Since i removed the VNC Remote Software no Error or Issue appeared. Hm it was random Machine. Not a special Single Machine.
  5. removed it from all machines. prepared for the next show in 30 minutes Let´s see if this happening once more. Thank jfk & jonas for quick and comprehensive answers !
  6. mh - when i removed them , how to control the display machines remotely? a vnc installed itself? how to connect? y - may this could be the reason for the issue
  7. most times it´s running very well. a few minutes ago it happened again - i checked the display via VNC Remote, and there was a Issue Report saying the typical Windows Text "Programm has closed, unexpected error- click to exit" So there was an issue at a machine. Means the Display Software hast shut down. when the error message pops up i lose the pattern on the display computer. i restarted the Watchpoint.exe again, "Offline" "online" in my Production - than everything was running again. It is not happening at the same place of the show its random. We got a 360° Projection and a lot of content. Project is about 120GB. Clips are .m2v 1920x1080p 20mbit/s 15gop i will check it in the next few hours/days - cause at the moment i have no idea, what could be the issue. btw - do u have a information with the Aux Timeline stops? i posted it 2 days ago.
  8. Hi mat , this is exactly the same way i did yesterday evening after show. Now it runs smooth. Is there a difference between blackmagic and datapath in the "fade-in-delay" I will check that - when this job is finished. Best regards.
  9. HI Jonas - facts : Win 7 32bit Intel Xeon CPU 31220 @ 3,20 GHz 4 CPU´s 4GB RAM 128GB HD SSD for Content/Dataton all machines are connected by Netgear 16port prosafe gigabit switch. Running 6 Machines with a AMD Radeon HD7900. Each Machine playing 4x 1920x1080 by Display Port Output. So we got 24 Outputs. All Outputs are connected to a AMX 32x32 DVI Matrix with 2m DVI Cables. DVI Matrix sending a EDID to all Graphic Cards with 1920x1080p 50. Way to projectors is a 100m Fibrefox Cable. We use PMD DVI Beam.
  10. Hi. In the last few days a issue appeared once a day sometimes two times a day - sometimes not one issue a day! Project is standby and we are waiting to start the show - than the Message from a random Display Computer appears : Network error, Display Computer: Connection Lost. Sometimes i have to do a restart of this machine, sometimes i just have to go "offline" and "online" again and the machine is back again and running fine. Do you have any idea to fix that problem? Cause - if this happens during this is not good!!
  11. Hi matkeane, that is a good way to do that. in this case we use Datapath cards. Hm - so i guess i have to do that, i got 46 Cues for THIS aux timeline Thank god - "Copy - Paste" now there is one question left - aux timeline pauses for 0.5 seconds when the main timeline runs on the next pause cue. Thank you matkeane!
  12. Hey ho... question .. 1st I got a cue in my main timeline, which starts a aux timeline with a clip. starts well, plays well, but at the moment the main timeline pauses on the next pause cue, the aux timeline stops for a short moment. 2nd Got another Cue in the Main Timeline which starts a aux timeline with a live input (ppt and live camera). Got a smooth fade in with 2 seconds, but its not a smooth fade, it looks like a hard cut. is there a way to change these things? clips are : tech specs 6 WO Display Computers 22 Outputs 100GB of Content Content 1920x1080 .m2v 20Mb/s 15GOP Live Input 1280x720p 50 All Outputs are set to 1920x1080p 50
  13. Hi Community. In the next weeks i will have a job with a 360° Projection and 22 Projectors. Now i have a question depending on the Codec for the Videocontents. Some people told me to use .proRes 422 HQ. Usually i´m using .wmv or .h264 At the last Show i had a few problems with the sync of the clips using h264. (That was a 6 Projector Softedge) After converting to wmv it was running perfect and smooth. For the 360° we have to run with a 100% Sync of course. We are using Machines with a Quad Output, so each of them has to show 4x 1080 + 4 Displays (means 3 SE Curves) + 1 Audio Track. So what would u prefer? I think that .proRes is really Performance Intensive. It would be great to get some information. I wish u all the best for 2013. Best regards. Ben
  14. Hello Guys - short Question. I had a look at the Video Tutorials for learning watchout a view month ago. Question : Is there any Warping and or Softedge Tutorialvideo? I have to do a job in the next weeks with Warping and Softedge with 6 Projectos. Would be great to see something and get information before i have to do this job. Thanks a lot!
  15. Hi Members - a few hours ago i bought a small Midi Controll Pad "Akai MPK mini" I want to use it for controlling the Auxillary Timelines. I create a new Input "Midi Controller or Midi Notes" advice the Channel 1 Controller 1 7 bit and activate the LEARN Function. Anyway i cant get Midi controll - Value is 0000 nothing hapens. I have already checked the Midi Setup in the Controller Setup but i cant find a solution. Does anyone know this problem?! Thanks for comments.
  16. Hi Mike. Thank you for answering. One last question - you told me, that i should run the input signal in 60p. Now is my question - Is there a way so send 1920x1080 60p? I´ve never seen a 60p - it means 60fps or do you mean 60hz? than it would be a interlaced signal right?! So i should avoid an interlaced signal - get the signal thru a image pro or something and convert it to P right? Thanks and best regards....
  17. Hi everyone - can u tell me , what is the recommend Resolution and frequency to play out Watchout from a Display Computer?! 1080p 50 Hz or 1080p 59,94 Hz or 1080p 60 Hz ?? And - what is the recommend input Resolution for a Live Camera that is send from a HD Camera? 1080i or 1080p ? Thank you for ur support. Kind regards.
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