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  1. I finally got everything working. After trying several different versions of Windows 10 Professional, I was only able to get Watchout to behave with version 1607 (Anniversary Update) & the Radeon 18.5.1 drivers (followed by the Win 10 tweaks). Hopefully this helps~
  2. Hi all, I just built 2 display computers (Win 10 64 bit), did all the tweaks and Watchout is freezing when I first go online or hit "update." The progress bar appears, starts to load with the word "Analyzing..." (I'm not in live mode) and then it stops. After 60 seconds the network connection drops, Watchdog jumps into action, and I get the same frozen "Analyzing..." screen after going offline and back on again. Then I have to open the task manager to force quit Watchout. Oddly, if I open task manager while Watchout is frozen with "Analyzing..." up and then cancel the task manager fr
  3. Hi all, I would love it if you could specify different starting point for looped videos. Say for instance that you create a looped video of a candle flickering. If you need to duplicate this clip in Watchout, the candles will all flicker the same unless you stagger the clips as you fade them up. Changing the starting point of the clip breaks the loop. This would save tons of time as you wouldn't have to output different looped versions of the same clip. Thanks! Adam
  4. One more update, but another issue: So I ultimately fixed the above errors by manually installing the .dll file and then doing the Windows updates. Not really sure why that fixed it, but I now have (4) computers that are loading Watchout. Now, here's the next issue. I am getting the following error: "Operating system error: 614; DirectShow media error " for all .m2v files on the timeline. JPG's & PSD's seem to be fine. The .m2v files play fine in Window's Media player, but do not play in Watchout (they appear as static blurred images on the timeline). Any ideas? Thanks! A
  5. An update: I downloaded the "d3dx9_30.dll" file and installed it in the correct folder and now Watchpoint loads but I get a different "Start error": "One of the following licenses are required: WibuKey 1813:4 Failure reason: WibuKey API error occured (Error 105)!" If I click "retry" Watchpoint will load, but that error appears every time I restart the computer. I can remove the "d3dx9_30.dll" file if there is a better fix overall. Again thanks, Adam
  6. Hi all, Any help would be appreciated. I just built (4) new Watchout computers (Windows 7 32b) and followed the Windows 7 "Tweaking List". When I try to load Watchpoint I receive a "start error" which states: "d3dx9_30.dll not found. File must be available to run the application!" As a test I tried installing Watchout before I made any changes on the "Tweaking List" and it loaded without the error. Then I updated Windows 7 and it stopped working. This made me believe that the initial Windows 7 updates that were causing the problem so I started over again, reinstalling Windows an
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