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  1. Hi there. I think our firm, Pixel Mosaic, may be right up your alley: www.pixelmosaic.com We are located in Chicago, so Toronto is within fair proximity. Feel free to contact me off forum. You can reach myself and our general inquiry staff at info@pixelmosaic.com.
  2. Glad to see more attention and information to this issue. Has anyone in this discussion had this happen on a version earlier than v6.2.2? That is the only version we have seen this happen on, so my suspicion is v6.2.2 is when this became an issue. My other suspicion after reading this is that 2 different variables can potentially factor in the invocation of this bug: 1. Environmental factors, like what it appears to have been the case for asmundboe 2. Naming your displays via ip address instead of name, which appears to be the culprit in our case There are already several noted
  3. Hi, I believe we have encountered what you are describing as well. Although, it appears to me less like Watchpoint is minimized and more like it simply no longer displays anything at all. It looks more like Windows has assigned focus to something else. Our findings have been that from a task manager standpoint, Watchpoint thinks it is running completely as normal. Yet we see the desktop and no evidence that Watchpoint is running (other than task manager). If we go to Task Manager and click on "switch to" it restores back to displaying content. We also do not receive any notifications in Watchm
  4. Ring the bells! We believe we may have found the culprit! Or at least, we have found something that prevents the test project from reproducing the bug. The test project in my post on October 2 uses IP address definition for 2D displays. I revised my project in the following way: 1. Set computer names and a cluster name for the 2 displays I have online 2. Set the cluster name in preferences 3. Define all my 2D displays by computer name instead of IP address I would have never thought such a revision would have resolved this issue, but alas. I would - by no means - suggest th
  5. It looks like spaces in show file names no longer work when trying to launch from script (file-based control). I swear it used to once upon a time. Is there an escape sequence one can use in the script to force a space character (ASCI 32, I believe)? Or does file-based control require a file name without spaces? Sorry if there is already a topic on this - I couldn't find one.
  6. Hey Jim - you probably never were alerted to this because I don't believe I properly quoted you in my above response. Just looking for some absolute clarification in the syntax for the command line argument. If you could post answers to my questions regarding the use of spaces and quotes that would be great. Thx!
  7. Hey jfk, Can you clarify the syntax for that command line argument? You wrote "- WmAudioRegFix off". That exact string has a space between the dash and "W"... there shouldn't be a space, correct? Also, does the word "off" need to be encapsulated in quotes, or is just space then off? Thx!
  8. So, we believe we have discovered more information relating to this phenomenon. We - at the very least - have something somewhat reproducible. The WO project for the reproducible case is at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6f12ixyzwglfde/Latency Bug.zip?dl=0 We also recorded a video that presents how to reproduce: https://www.dropbox.com/s/krhh85m1e9z8b3c/IMG_2142.mov?dl=0 Here are our specs and setup for this test: Display machines: - Windows 7 64b Professional - ASRock X99 WS-E LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Extended ATX Intel Motherb
  9. We have experienced similar problems. Some things we have encountered, I have only seen since switching to v6.2.2. We are currently running tests to try to determine what behavior is causing some new, odd behavior. The most perplexing thing I recently experienced is I had a display machine, in which had been sitting completely idle in a static image state (JPEG and PNG images) for 15 minutes, suddenly gave away focus to the desktop. No report to production at all, because it seemed as if WP was completely unaware that focus had been taken away. AFAICT - from reviewing things like task manager,
  10. Just a recommendation, coming from someone who recently experienced a great deal of confusion on why I was not able to sign in... Allow 2 options for sign in - screen name or email address. I wasn't even aware of what my current screen name was, because - well, I had not been using that to login and I had logged in for a long time (I had something set to remain logged in). And my keychain of course had nothing set for the site with my screen name. I had to click "forgot my password" and follow the email trail in order to sign in, and had to do that several times before I came across this
  11. Hey Keith - we have recently been doing some testing with ffmpeg and have found that our output files display significant frame loss when decoded in conventional players (Quicktime) or even no decoding whatsoever (VLC), but however look great in WO... or at least on par with files that we otherwise produce out of a traditional After Effects render queue. Is that consistent with your findings? Or are your remarks in this thread regarding quality more along the lines of things like color reproduction? Just curious. If the quality concerns with ffmpeg is really just a challenge in terms of accura
  12. Hey Walter. Many thanks for the information on your set up. Certainly helps on our journey regarding unveiling answers to this bug. Our next efforts are going to be full show reconstruction that completely eliminates the use of VDs. Our thought is if we go a week of continual usage in a non-VD show-like environment and do not invoke the bug, it gives us great plausibility that VDs are a factor. And then we perhaps take it a step further - single mapping instances of VDs. And so on.... Hey - not much more we can do when you are dealing with a highly consequential, hard-to-reproduce type of bug
  13. A simple means of taking a slice anywhere on the stage, and remapping it to another part of the stage, but without the computational cost and latency that virtual displays incur. By using the term "slicing", you would be delineating the 2 features while introducing a feature that uses a term that is familiar to media server experts. It would be fair to then restrict 'slicing' from the extended capabilities of virtual displays, like mapping to planes of a 3D mesh. Just looking for something that can take an area of the stage and duplicate to multiple other areas of the stage with the ability to
  14. Another thought - perhaps WO should ultimately add a feature that subscribes to the popular industry term "slicing"? That is essentially what I end up using VDs for quite a bit. I totally understand there was a particular usage Dataton had in mind for VDs, and that users like myself creating alternate usages for them may not be what was intended. Many media servers have a slicing feature where latency is negligible. I will go ahead and make an official request in the requests topic.
  15. So, we just discovered this today: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fksxu98ls771lni/Test 1 Capture.mp4?dl=0 What you are looking at is a WO project that contains 2x 2D Displays (-y area of stage) and 16x virtual displays (+y area of stage). The VDs are named "VD A" - "VD P". There is a single mov file in the project that we use to measure latency. It is a 60fps file that displays current frame. There is one cue of the file mapped directly to the rightmost 2D display (Display "2"). The other is mapped to "VD A". "VD A" then maps to "VD B", which maps to "VD C", and so on and so on, until "VD
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