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  1. Thanks RBeddig, I'll give a call to Claudio asap, don't bother. Anyway the main issue is that we don't wanna swap the graphic cards for budget reasons. Bye Umberto
  2. Hi guys, I've tried to look out in past threads and asked a couple of collegues about an issue which is, luckily rarely, happening in the tv studio we are working in since 2015, but nobody seems to have a solution for it. We use a double 6 fhd out display server with WO ver. 6.1.2 running and we need to makle sure that if unfortunately the sdi signal from the control room drops out the live windows opened in WO goes black and not showing the NO SIGNAL color bars. I've checked that there aren't options from the input cards, I'm asking if there's a way in WO to do it? Any suggestions? T
  3. I'll be worried about the firepro W600, it's a particular card made for digital signage with low gpu memory and personally I would use it only for fixed installations with low bitrate videos if all 6 outputs are in use. There's a discussion in the forum about 6 outputs graphic cards.
  4. My "travel" display pc is a Cooltek C1 aluminum case to contain weight(2kg), x99 gygabyte mATX board, 16gb DDR4, 2 ssd 2.5" for watchout and a m.2 one for os, intel 5820k and a gtx970 with 4gb memory, an internal declink duo pro sdi/hdmi and a magewell usb3 acquisition card. It fits perfectly in a 6 units Proel lightweigth trolley flying case wich carries also a 'lil 5 channells audio mixer, network switch, external usb soundcard, keyboard, mouse, cables and adapters. All for less than 20kg so you can travel with it as a simple baggage on pretty much all the flights.
  5. Thanks a lot, it's a lovable setup, any suggestions for an Nvidia addicted?
  6. I would like to thank Mr. Amren for the really useful answer. The guide provided on your post is essential for everyone who need to set up a display/producer machine, I just had a phone call with a guy who's beginning to set uo new display machines and I bet that the result will be awesome if he follows those simple rules before running Trueimage. As WO operator I've learned that better hardware means more time to work on the timeline.
  7. Just got the same problem under win7 pro 64bit, solved launching the display sw manually 'cause win autoexecute load it in window mode and I had to open the task manager to force close. My opinion is that running a 32bit professional sw on a 64 bit os is an emergency set, I'm waiting for a 4.4 double version 'cause actually most of hardware providers came in with win7 display/producer pcs. UPDATE: I've got a phone call from a friend who's expreriencing the same problem when He tries to put display windows in minimized mode to set up capture cards, even under xp... My advice was to
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