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  1. Having the same issues with the Intensity Pro card as well.
  2. There's a pig tail connector on the rear side that contains the USB inputs (PS2 inputs as well) for your mouse and keyboard There's a single USB to control both on the spider cables that connect the IO Gear box to each machine I run each display machine cloned to both the true output and the KVM output, works well Of course, you could also VNC into each machine if you are using a production machine. That feature is useful as well.
  3. Well said JJ, I'm back from Vacation and finished testing my RAID experiment. I am definitely working with SSDs for my data drives in place of SATA drives. The 7200rpm drive worked well for many years but for multiple steams of HD, I'm in complete agreement with you. Even the SATA II MoBos benefit from SSD and the SATA III capable MoBos are smoking with the full data rate of the SSDs. Goldie
  4. I have been playing with a RAID with Ver 4.3 with great speeds but reliability issues. Right now, I am testing my data drives as being SSD but the OS disks being 7200 RPM SATA setups. Seems to be a lot more stable but I have another 2 weeks of testing planned before I am willing to make a commitment. Goldie
  5. I do use IO Gear KVMs successfully. I have had issues with the Gefen DVI USB KVMs with my windows 7 machines however. The USB portion works without a problem, but the DVI portion is a mess. Goldie
  6. JJ, Testing a RAID 10 (via software) on a couple of rackmounts right now for an upcoming project. So far so good, (obviously still in WO 4.3) utilizing live capture cards/multiple streams of Mpeg/ProRes files...it wouldn't run on the "stock" configuration without crashing. Standard Seagate XT2 7200RPM drives (four x 2 TB) (left overs from an IT project) Win 7 plan on letting it spool for the next couple of weeks to see if I run into any issues. Goldie
  7. Was the ProRes file delivered from a Mac or a PC? What was the audio codec used? I have used ProRes extensively before without delays in the audio but I have had some issues with Proxy ProRes files delivered from Post Houses that needed to be re-encoded to be usable. Just curious more than anything to be honest. Goldie
  8. Robert, A quick question for you, did the delay stay with the video you were sourcing the audio from? The reason I ask, is that I had a similar situation using 9 streams of ProRes422 and tapped two units for audio, the delay followed the two units that I was sourcing the audio from. All 9 streams had the same audio file. It became apparent after moving the audio jacks around, that the delay was a result of Win 7/CPU playing the audio. My solution (being as I had 18 machines 9 prime and 9 backup) was to jack all of them to get the delay into all the units. I could move the jacks (prior to jacking all of them) and watch the delay follow on the display machines. Still working on narrowing down the true reason (driver or hardware issue) but checking to see if you had experienced the same issue. Thanks in advance Goldie
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