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  1. Hi all, Has anyone successfully implented Blacktrax and RTTrPM into their Watchout work flow yet? I having trouble getting Watchout Production PC to read the RTTrPM that Blacktrax is generating. IP and ports are correct. Is there anything I have missed out? Thanks!
  2. Shouldn't have such an impact. Done more than 5 outputs with multiple videos running. Only HD though, not 4k. WX9100 with S400.
  3. We had our rigs on 10GB nic and switches for a while. The transfer speeds are not 10x faster but significantly faster for sure compared to 1Gb, possibly 4-5x. Our rigs are on 2 x NvME Raid 0 with full PCI buses given to them. Psychologically though after owning them for a while, they will feel "slow" as you get used to their speed. =D
  4. Thanks Thomas. I went the easy route by just physically plugging 1,2,5,6,3,4 and labelling the phyiscal cards output at the back. The only issue now I realised is, this works if I am using the MiniDP to DP cables. If I introduce any format of adapters, that is minidp to DVI or HDMI etc, this order gets messed up. Hopefully someone will chip in for a fix either a regedit edit or something.
  5. Are you running on the drive on a raid controller be it on board or on a card? Cloning tools I have learn so far can mess up the way the bios sees each hard drive mapping if it doesn't have the correct raid drivers loaded. For example if you have a drive that is on a raid controller, even if it is single volume, clone tools without the correct drivers will incorrectly interpret it as a regular AHCI mapped drive. It will restore and yes you may be able to boot up into windows. But it will never work 100%. I had this exact issue when my machines just refused to power off properly.
  6. Yes Thomas, I have the exact same issue as you. Keeps reverting back to 1,2,5,6,3,4. I have just half the mind to keep that order for good!
  7. No go for the EDID emulation. Doing so only keeps causing it to do 1,2,5,6,3,4 when the displays are already plugged in order. That is plugged in order, WO launched with correct display order. Enable EDID emulation. Be it capture or just keep current edid. Restart PC, order goes back to 1,2,5,6,4,5
  8. Hi all, I’m trying to figure out how dataton assign it’s outputs. I know it has something to do with the way windows api work. Is there a way/hack to force the output order? Kind of pain to unplug and replug each outputs on each machine when the outputs don’t go in sequence. I’m on windows 10 with wx9100 +s400 sync. Thanks!
  9. My system is also having this issue since day one. Trying a couple of fixes including forcing EDID internal.
  10. Hi Miro, Thanks for the reply. We actually jumped the gun and went ahead with 3 of these WX9100 and S400. Running Win10 and WO6 (also freshly upgraded) Will do a battery of test over the next few weeks. Let me know if you're interested in the results.
  11. Hi there, Just trying to put together a new system and wonder if anyone has used the newer WX9100 instead of the older W9100 with S400 successfully on WO6? Trying to get 6 outputs if possible and this card is newer. Thanks!
  12. The SDI issue that you probably will face is Level A and Level B which will cause the signal not to be recognized if the levels are mismatch. The micro BM and Teranex fortunately supports both. The older Mini will only do Level B which when used with certain switchers will not be able to work properly. Spyder x20 Barco E2 accepts both. This spec is sometimes hidden and a pain to find out what it is.
  13. Hi there, Very nice setup you got there. We also recently started going with HD-SDI as its was less issues with longer runs. Like the fact that the BM Mini converters are so cheap and have 2 x SDI out which mean you don't have to add in another DA/Router to get your previews working. Good to know someone else out there going the SDI route.
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