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  1. If it is just a still capture of the 3D Projector view, then built into Windows is the Snipping Tool. You will have to drag out the view to fill your monitor, then use the Rectangular Tool to drag-select-and-snap and save it. If you require a video of the 3D Projector view, Watchout has the File > Export Movie of the viewable Stage. Needs a licence key. Again drag out the Stage to fill Watchout as this export is WYSIWYG of the Stage. Thomas Leong
  2. I echo what the others have said - MIDI is relatively simple. But the amount of boxes and cabling added may be too much for you or your install? If you want a simpler one-button trigger which outputs the command 'run' into the RS-232 port of your (Master) Display PC in a cluster, contact me offline and I'll put you in touch with a friend in London who can quote you and put that together for you - PIC chip, button, et al. ThomasL
  3. Next step, if you have not done so, is to download Watchout and play with it. It is free, and fully functional except for linking up and outputting to the Display PCs. Even the RS-232 and MIDI functions all work without having to purchase a licence. With a virtual MIDI Keyboard and Microsoft's Loopback Adapter, you can have working MIDI and RS-232 commands (using HW Virtual Serial Port free software) within the one Production PC for all your tests and exercises. Work along with the video tutorials Mike pointed to, or create an exercise for yourself with media from one of your single screen
  4. Since the logo only surfaced recently, it is definitely caused by a most recent software installation. I had the same problem and it was due to another production software that uses Medialooks for Quicktime. Curiously enough it was a version 3 of the software that I needed temporarily for a client who had bought that version from me. The version 4 of the same software did not give the same problem. Uninstalling that version 3 solved my problem. There is another solution which gives me a software "switch" to on/off the Medialooks logo therefore allowing the culprit software that uses
  5. Agree with jfk. So, for example, if one is using a laptop with built-in webcam as the Production PC, one could watch oneself on the webcam, whilst the Display PCs show the live video feed from other cameras!
  6. Questions: Is the Ethernet switcher hub the same amongst all the shows? Have you tried swapping the Ethernet switcher to see if it is the cause of the problem? The Cat5 cables also. It is usually hard to nail down a specific cause in troubleshooting - could be hardware, could be software. It is a step by step procedure - tedious, but necessary. Only you, being on-site, would know what the difference is between this set up and the other, or the differences within the cluster itself. If necessary, you could transfer the show you are having problems with, to the other cluster of PCs which hav
  7. The pagefile is stored on the hard-disk, C:\ root unless otherwise specified. Maybe the bus from the harddisk to the CPU to the graphics card is the culprit. I'd try tests again with the pagefile turned OFF. Should be no real harm done, except that the system is supposed to crash, but if it does not crash, then all is good.
  8. I'll chip in with a shot. Could it be that in the morning startup, at least one of the Slave Display PCs is slow in its startup readiness, and therefore the Master waits, and waits...and does not get a return signal from the slow Slave that it is now ready. On the manual re-start, all Slaves are ready, so it all runs thereon without a hitch, until the next morning startup? Is such is the case, put in a longer delay on the Master startup to allow the slow Slave to get ready. my 2 cents, Thomas
  9. Hi, I have triggered a Pearl 2000 with MIDI, not Artnet, and even then, only the 15 faders. Couldn't get a Program Change, so we stayed with one program of 15 presets pre-programed by the lighting guy. Details available if you want. Thomas
  10. Shot in the dark: Windows Firewall. Disable it completely!! Common cause of disrupting Display PC connection.
  11. The simplest is to use Perfect Cue for its main design purpose: as a Pavlov response system to cue the production pc operator to advance-and-play or back-up-a-ControlCue-and-play in Watchout, with the appropriate pause cues in Watchout's Timeline. Alternatively is to program Perfect Cue to emulate the spacebar for Play and left-arrow key to reverse a ControlCue in Watchout. Another is to use an iTouch as the physical remote controller (instead of Perfect Cue), installed with the free Watchout Remote from Watchout System Manager.
  12. You could check out VenueMagic (DMXAV version) for user-defined timelines and playlists, buttons (that trigger a sequence of cues on a VenueMagic timeline or specific playlist Show Control buttons, as well as serial or MIDI Notes to Watchout. I do not have Perfect Cue to test with VenueMagic, but if you do, test it out as an "External Control Source".
  13. The article is irrelevant to the above problems. I had a buffer overflow error message once when i was testing out a borrowed Behringer BCF 2000 with Watchout 5.x. I can't recall exactly but I think the error message is due either to a connection error between Watchout and the MIDI controller or a wrong setting on the Controller such that it is sending something that overloads the MIDI inputs on the WO computer. I solved it then but can't remember what I did exactly. Check all your inputs and output connections between MIDI Controller and Watchout PC (should be simple basic stuff), and
  14. If I read you correctly, you are trying to control, via TCP/IP Port 3039, one Display Computer from another in the same cluster. I have not tried that myself - Manual pg. 257 onwards. Do not forget the Carriage Return or LineFeed after each command (page 260 "Command Format"). Alternative is to type $0D ($ zero D) after each command which is the hex code for a carriage return. The simpler method is use a Production PC to control a Display PC. And since you require 2 outputs, and assuming you are using WO version 5.x, a Display PC with a 2-output graphics card will achieve that easily WITHO
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