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  1. no but it would be great to have it .
  2. Yes you can is wakeonlan for the pc. You can not do it id u remove the power. The ac is network controllable?
  3. HI If the object is a sphere yes if any other no. You can not change the geometry in WATCHOUT. You need another program if you want to change the geometry. Regards Adela
  4. Hello , Any information in which brand or type of network cameras that works. Thanks in advance. Adela
  5. Hello we invite you to a demo, 3D mapped dome, interactivity and a week of training in Mexico. Regards Adela
  6. Hello. Just to check. In the power tweak of the mb you have power not restricted to the pci ? //Adela
  7. Hola Alvaro, Contactame a adela@omagica.com o manda tu telefono para llamarte o contacta a Omagica y te explico como hacerlo. Hi Alvaro Contact me to adela@omagica.com and I ell you how to do it. Or call Omagica Regards Adela
  8. Hello, I have a question here, I have seen the video, just want to tell that the firepro cards behave different, one can have all the display port passive. JFk can you help me understand. I think I do, but this does not match with the video that is explaining ... Thanks Adela
  9. Great!... thanks... and is nice to have been a part of it.
  10. 7.8 drivers from datapath works, I just tested. Regards Adela
  11. Hi Can we check the specs for the encoding for watchpax...? I tought hap was included? Thanks Adela
  12. Hi Daniel, The first think to do, is to ask to your local support. The second is to upgrade the drivers as I explain to you in the course Because the capture with Datapath works with WO6 Thanks Adela
  13. Question, Do you have an autostart.txt file? Regards Adela
  14. Hello Gary, The software you are asking is call Domeprojection, let me know if I can help you . Best regards Adela Kriland
  15. Hi, I hope you have seen the Tweak List (also available here in the forum). It is important to tweak Windows for WATCHOUT. Thanks Jonas Regards Adela
  16. Hi That was my point... they are the same !. You can try Magewell. http://www.magewell.com/?lang=en Not cheaper but they work. Thanks Adela
  17. Hi Landob, Maybe you can contact a local distributor. But let me answer you. A.- I do not know if it is wise. But I do not think is a trouble at all if they are working, and I suppose they are version 4? If they are version 3. Is not easy to get upgrade. The authenticity, can be prove I suppose if you use them in the computer, or if you an read them with the license manager. You can send to the distributors the numbers you get, at lest I can tell you if they are reported as stolen in my area. B.- There is really no warranty in this case. If you do not have the original purchase, and is just in the case they are damaged internally. Which is very , very seldom in version 4. C. problems to update to version 5. Well, they have to be exchange, so I suppose you have to go through a distributor, so if is my area, I normally test the licenses. So I know they are valid, not stolen, if all this is ok. You just have to pay for the upgrade and they will be exchange to the new type of license. Hope this helps. Regards Adela
  18. Hi, I have not tested my self, I have a customer that used it in Version 4 no troubles, but then with version 5. He could not make it work. There is no real reason for it not to work, so it should be just a matter of drivers. This card can only capture one at a time. But maybe go to a tested one Blackmagic intensity? My comments ... hope it helps. Regards
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