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  1. +1 notchlc is also faster to encode and has a 10bit encoding support which I hope will also come in newer versions of watchout
  2. unicast mode: NDI TX is transmitting a ~350Mbps stream to each receiver, so it needs approx 350x4 Mbps bandwidth in upload (AKA not possible in a 1Gbps network). Each receiver (for instance each computer display and each production if you're gonna use preview) is using ~350Mbps bandwidth in download. multicast mode (but you will need a managed and properly configured network switch): NDI TX is transmitting a ~350Mbps stream to the whole network, so it needs approx 350 Mbps bandwidth in upload. Each receiver (for instance each computer display and each production if yo
  3. Possibility to show in an overlay box % cpu load, % gpu load, % disk load etc. It would be useful to understand which bottleneck are you reaching with your show if something goes in an unexpected way. And the possibility to create and edit 3d object without using a 3rd party software like blender etc.
  4. I doubt you can output 4xUHD with windows 7 and watchout. Am I missing something?
  5. Has anyone tested if the system performances changes when enabling S400 sync module? It seems to me that HAP playback (so gpu performances) decreases when S400 is enabled.
  6. i'm focusing on hap playback. I am not able to play an 8k 50fps hap file on windows 10 while on windows 7 it works perfectly. also tried several 5000~6000 x 1000 pixels 50fps hap files and again it works on windows 7 but not on windows 10. bios tweaked like this: and windows 10 ltsc tweaked accordingly to the dataton document (ltsb 1607 was not working)
  7. If Dataton was able to properly "tweak" windows 10 on their media servers, I think it could be done on user built servers too. Giving the users the opportunity to build their own servers has always been a great plus for dataton and I hope they will never change this approach. Adding features to their servers (such as SDI IO feature) is a thing, but I hope they will never drop users built hardware support. Now the thing is, a properly tweaked windows 10 server will have same, better or worst performances compared to the same system running on windows 7? Has anyone ma
  8. my setup: ASRock X99 Extreme4 S2011v3 Intel i7-5930K 32GB DDR4 2133MHz Samsung 850 PRO 1TB (windows) + Samsung XP941 NGFF 512GB (watchout) Sapphire AMD FirePro W7100 tried windows 10 enterprise ltsb 1607 with amd driver 17q4.1. Did all the tweaking list (excluding the removal of microsoft bloatware which are not present in ltsb) results: black screen. tried windows 10 enterprise ltsc 2019 (tweaked) with amd driver 19q1.1 and 18q4: watchout works properly but poor HAP decoding (video stutters while the same video on windows 7 works well).
  9. What's the difference in using windows 10 pro? I took a look at the group policies to edit and they seem to be there on windows 10 pro too, so what's the point in using enterprise edition?
  10. no free run with audio cues with this 6.2.2 version. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  11. with wasapi i was able to output 2 channels only. with asio4all 6 channels. asio4all control panel see a 6 channels only audio device and realtek control panel, when asio4all is installed, refuses to set the system in 7.1 while with asio4all uninstalled 7.1 works well with windows. i have installed realtek drivers from asrock website, i'll check if an asio driver from realtek is available
  12. Just tried. Without asio4all i can only output 2 audio channels. With asio4all 6 audio output. Not possible to set up 8 audio output even if my motherboard (asrock x99 extreme 4) has 4 stereo audio output jack (7.1) and with realtek drivers on windows i can hear everyone of the 8 channels.
  13. Audio cue don't work in loop+freerun mode. If i place a wave file and pause on it, it stops playing even of I set loop and freerun. Is it a problem of my computer only or a bug of 6.2? Same computer with 6.1.6 works fine
  14. Do I have to use asio4all even on a custom display machine to output 8 different audio channels from onboard minijack connectors? Realtek audio driver. Only 2 channels working. In this case does asio4all have to be installed on the display machine only? What about the correct confoguration of this software? Where to find watchout asio interface in the display pc? Thanks
  15. It seems that it's not possible to insert control cues in a composition
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