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    Besides doing Watchout shows? My grand-kids, scuba diving, and Power Walking.
  1. Very cool!!! As one who started out with Watchout when there were only 4 tweens, but who hasn't really kept up. Those tutorials may be very helpful. Thanks so much for doing that!
  2. Sad news indeed! Such a terrible loss. All that accumulated knowledge and understanding gone, and about something we care about and he cared about so much. Absolutely tragic. He will be sorely missed.
  3. I took the USA Watchout training near Detroit some years back. I think we were using Watchout 3 back then. Anyway, I believe I remember David Branson, our instructor, saying that all the production computer does when running a show is send out simple cues to the display computers. That sounds like something that even the most basic/cheapest of laptops could do. Is that still the case? I do production/creation of shows on a rather high end desktop and of course my display computer is top notch. So, just for running the show, can I just buy a $300 cheapy laptop to do so? I didn't know wh
  4. Wait a minute. A separate graphics card is connected directly to a display, right? That video doesn't get rerouted to a processor's GPU, does it? So, unless we are thinking of using a processor's onboard graphics, we don't have to worry about resolution, refresh rate, resizing, and dropped frames, unless, of course, the video card itself is having those problems, right?
  5. Thanks for the update Miro! Interesting. I thought that with a separate graphics card (I recently purchased the WX7100) that the processor's onboard GPU's would be disabled. But apparently all video data still passes through the Intel processor's GPU on its way to the display such that resolution, refresh rate, and resizing via Watchout fails for some reason, as well as having a lower fill rate and increased possibility of dropped frames? Therefore, I am putting on hold my decision to buy the Kaby Lake i7-7700k processor which does indeed have the low end 630 Intel Graphics. Your
  6. I'm about to totally commit to computer rebuilds, so it'd be nice to get a little insight into the Windows 10 testing timeline so I can make some final decisions as whether to choose more advanced components or stick with the older stuff. So three questions: 1. How's the Windows 10 testing coming along? 2. Is there any chance Watchout will be tested with the new KabyLake (Windows 10 only) motherboards and i7-7700k processor? 3. I think I already know the answer to this last question, but I gotta ask: Is there any significant chance that Watchout 5.5.2 will ever work with Wind
  7. Thanks guys! I bought what Jonas suggested. I sure appreciate the input! Lloyd
  8. 12/30/16 Just purchased the AMD WX7100, whose 4 display output connectors are all DP. My 3 projectors are all HDMI. So would this be a reasonable choice? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA0ZX3747617&cm_re=active_display_port_to_HDMI-_-12-607-073-_-Product Thanks! Lloyd
  9. 12/29/16 Hi again Thomas, i wanted to thank you so much for your input! Also wanted to clear up some stuff. 1. You said, "Firstly, where in a SSD or M.2 does the 'USB 3.0 Hub' come from?" Well, I shouldn't have included that in the description (I was just copying and pasting the Newegg description). The "3.0 Hub" was simply something that Newegg threw in if you bought that particular M.2 drive. Took me a while to figure that out myself. 2. But thanks to your advice, I bought the Samsung 850 Pro 250 SSD for the OS. Initially I thought, "Why not buy two M.2 drives", but th
  10. Wow! What a wealth of info in this thread! I hope my post doesn't count as a thread hijacking, but since the original asker's question seems to be answered, and the thread is heading in a certain direction, may I request a little similar info? I've been out of the game for a while, but now have a show coming soon and need to rebuild computers. So I was scouring the forum for recommendations. (still need to upgrade Watchout as well) But there seems to be a pretty good sale at a site I'm looking at (think "the most common fresh breakfast food") and I'm starting with the graphics card
  11. All of my shows have been the more common, straight on, "front projected onto a white screen" shows, all done after dark usually in medium sized venues. But videowalls, and especially "seemless" video walls, like this one here that I found doing a quick Google search: http://www.pallaslcd.com/products/7-series-seamless-lcd-overlapping-bezel.aspx .......look quite appealing to me and I sense that that could be a direction that some may move in. For me, the ability to do a show in daylight is the most appealing aspect, not to mention eliminating the hassles of using projectors. We
  12. This is just a shot in the dark, but Google Voice Recognition (GVR) has gotten to be quite good. In fact I can't recall that it has ever gotten anything wrong for me. So now I wonder if there is any way a "Cookbook" connection could be written between GVR and Watchout, like was written between Kinect and Watchout? Consider: If I can ask Google via GVR where the best hamburger in Linköping, Sweden is and it tells me Stangebro Gatukok, then why can't I use GVR to start a timeline or conditional layer? Ultimately, what I want to do is record responses to oft asked questions, put those r
  13. Big loss. I always loved your frank answers and the way you perceived what the "real" problem might be when we might have been focusing on something else. Best wishes to you at Barco, but we'll definitely be missing you.
  14. Most enlightening Jim. As always, thanks for your illuminating response! Lloyd
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