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  1. Is this something that has changed from WO 5.1 to 5.2? I have been using HDMI as the choice for Datapath VisionRGB-E1s cards for a few months with no issues. I can confirm with Windows 64-bit and WO 5.2 that choosing RGB works with a VisionRGB-E2 (6.3.2 drivers), whereas choosing HDMI gives the error "Runtime Error: Video Display Signal Not Found" or something close Will try to install Windows 32-bit tomorrow to see if this behavior is the same. -Doug
  2. Nate, Curious on what format video you are trying to use. - VGA or DVI/HDMI or Component - Resolution Originally, my setup worked using a VGA input, but stopped when I chose HDMI (for DVI use) Also, a correction on card used, I believe I was using a VisionRGB-E2 (not the newer "S" version) Doug
  3. Latest update: The issue seems to be a faulty PCIe riser cable. We have custom built machines that used to have Blackmagic Intensity Pro cards that sucessfully used a different PCIe riser cable that while it works with the Datapath card, it is not the right size. The baffling part has been that out of 16 machines only 4-5 have exhibited issues with the riser cables. All the cables are sequential in their Serial Numbers and are visibly no different from each other. -Doug
  4. I too ran into this same problem and had to go back to WO 5.1 My situation was even more interesting: Setup WO 5.2 VisionRGB-E2s (driver v6.3.2) using VGA as the source (RGB - 720p chosen in WO) Changed source to DVI (HDMI - 720p chosen in WO) Get error "Runtime Error: Video Display Signal Not Found" or something close Video can be seen using Vision software without issue Tried uninstalling Vision drivers and shutdown/restart then re-install with no luck Then uninstalled WO 5.2 and reverted to 5.1, all worked OK -doug
  5. Thanks, waiting for downtime to further test the current setup. Most likely will not have an answer of what is exactly wrong until next week. Currently I have 10 Display and 1 Production computers that are working perfect. Show is very smooth and loads super fast with the SSD's. In fact, it is so fast, my Display computers are ready before my network switch is ready when both are turned on at the same time. The problem is currently down to 1 more Display computer that is still absolutely necessary, as well as 4 spare Display computers that are having this issue. Thanks again for
  6. Jonas, Aside from the hardware recommendations. Back to my initial question. Can someone clarify the Enhancement/Bug Fix for: Increased reliability of Datapath VisionRGB capture cardsWhat exactly was done to increase reliability, what problems were encountered that caused this fix to be implemented? -Doug
  7. Can someone clarify the Enhancement/Bug Fix for: Increased reliability of Datapath VisionRGB capture cardsI have been trying to track down a problem with a recent set of upgrades. See previous post by J Kelley http://dataton.com/forum/topic/320-datapath-visionrgb-e1s-crashes-computer-blue-screen-hardware-error/page__hl__datapath__fromsearch__1 Original machine was running perfect for over 2 years: Watchout 4.3 Windows XP Intel Core2Quad 160GB HDD 4GB RAM Radeon 4550 Blackmagic Intensity Pro Same machine with following upgrades:Watchout 5.1 Windows 7 32-bit Intel Core2Quad (same as bef
  8. What is the maximum amount of display computers for a single show? If no immediate limit, what is the max anyone has deployed successfully? Although not likely, may have a chance for 180 screen setup. Might get pared down to 90 screen layout, but mirrored. I suppose with WO5 and 6 output video cards, this could go down to as low as 15 WO-Display computers. On a similar note: Is there a need for a sync card in a single WO-Display computer with multi-out video card, or only when pairing with multiple WO-Display computers with multi-out video cards?
  9. 1st choice - 2) Dell XPS 8300, win7 64-bit, i7-2600, intel H67, 6GB DDR3-1333 SDRAM, 2x 1TB SATA RAID 0, AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB - i7-2600 newer/higher processor compared to i7-960 - Radeon HD 6970 has more performance than FirePro V5900 2nd choice - 3) HP Z210 CMT, win7 64-bit, i7-2600, intel PCH C206, 3x2GB DDR3-1333 nECC RAM, 2x 1TB SATA RAID 0, Mid 3D-AMD FirePro V5900 2GB - i7-2600 newer/higher processor compared to i7-960 - FirePro V5900 video card is still a good card FirePro cards are basically the same as Radeon HD cards, main difference is Radeon HD drivers are geare
  10. Here is a fairly simple explanation: http://www.home-network-help.com/file-sharing-in-windows-7.html Most common items overlooked are: - Enabling File and Print Sharing on the adapter (disabled if following WO Tweak sheet) - Allowing access through Windows Firewall (easiest to just turn off completely for WO use)
  11. I would suggest to create point to point high power WiFi system with outdoor directional antennas. Installing the adapter in the Display Computer would not be my first choice, drivers, extra software, etc. - USB adapter would most likely require placing the adapter away from the PC via a USB extension cable. - PCI adapter would be a better choice, but comes with the same extra software I would suggest to only use the wireless to extend the network signal. Wired to access point/router and wired from repeater/bridge device. Going this route would make it easy to replace the Displa
  12. Switches that have worked (Windows XP or 7) NETGEAR "unmanaged switches", both rackmount and desktop -- 4 port through 48 port -- 10/100 and 10/100/1000 Various other "dumb" switches and some "smart" swtiches, but not "managed" L2/L2+/L3 switches Swithces that have not worked Specifically had issue with an Alctel Lucent OS6850-P48 (48 port Gigabit PoE switch) -- Tried various settings (multicast and other that I cannot recall) with no luck -- No matter the settings, data rate was always asbysmal Hope this helps to get things started.
  13. Personally, i would suggest a digital solution. This should take care of color issues as distance can wreak havok with analog signals if not properly calibrated. Especially when dealing with dissimilar lengths. I have been using the new HDBaseT extenders from companies like Atlona and Gefen. There are also products from AMX and Crestron, though more costly and difficult to come across if not a dealer. HDBaseT can extend not only an HDMI/DVI signal 100M over CAT5 cable, it can also extend ethernet, serial, IR, and USB, all over a single CAT5. Here are a couple of examples of s
  14. Any chance of getting a copy of the show files to better understand some of the new features and examples on how to implement.
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