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  1. Thanks for answer Fredrik, how do i get in to it in Sweden? I could not find anything about the training on the dataton webpages Is it going to happend in english or swedish language? apology for garbling your name in a previous post.
  2. Is there any plan for another watchout 5 training? As Frederic wrote, what about the formal WATCHOUT Academy training program?
  3. by template i mean existing project with useful content as prepared live inputs, window animations and so on, i call it event project template. it means that i should be able to open two projects parallel but i can not open two instances of watchout to copy the content from one to another. i am doing something wrong?
  4. Hello there, is there a way to import existing templates /watch projects/ to a new one?
  5. Hi Jonas, You will not believe, the problem was in the electricity, my extender has been connected on other phase than the client PCs. My college has come and connect it to the right place and the screen appears. Thanks a lot for Your attention.
  6. Hi Jonas, thank You for the answer. The EDID could be the problem, actually there is some generic device subscribed at the graphic control panel card. Just i wonder that the same HW was working before with win XP. [strong]Even the booting of the system is not going out to the screen with extender.[/strong] In the context of EDID, i connected the WO Display PC output to a matrix switcher, from where one output in going to an monitor preview and the other to the extender. Im getting the output on the preview monitor but not on the projector with connected extender, there is no logi
  7. Hello all, I have an problem with screen output from WO4.3 over VGA-UTP Extender. There is no signal output on the receiver side. When i was using winXP everything was running properly, after the WIN7 reinstallation and tweeting I'm not able to get the signal output. When I'm connecting directly with VGA i get the screen working, but when is there the extender i can not get the output. Has someone this issue before? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello again, it is possible to add system time to the show? I'm making event where the screen is going to look like an desktop of operating system and I need to add it there in the corner. I'm using WO4.3
  9. here im again and what i done is: - reinstall of system to win7 64bit - made tweek of win7 with the manual - did not install any antivirus but i did install AE render engine, and im using the client computers as AE render farm when they are not doing any watchouting - there are not any other codecs installed than blackmagic from the driver installation - default audio output is running on the onboard sound card, not the blackmagic card >> looks like it helps, now not lagging at all. thanks to all for helping me!
  10. Wow, as i wrote in my last contribution, i realize that the problem could be with the blackmagic capture card. Im using the device for capturing the screen and also as the default audio output, even im not using it as is described before. Can it slow down the system performance and take affect also on the vision E1 capture synchronization?
  11. I know that it is not really correct, but yes, im doing that and i had never problem with the a/v synchronization. On the production PC im using the same audio HW as on the client one, Blackmagic Intensity Pro. With the next show im going to get the audio output right from the client PC. In the context of this node it should not affect the screen capturing, becasue im not capturing any audio.
  12. could it be, that symantec antivirus is blocking the data by realtime scanning? tomorow im going to reinstall the system with win7, with the tweeing instrucions. ill write an report about the input synchronization.
  13. Has anyone try to write a script for tweeking the win7? >> "http://www.dataton.com/downloads/watchout/support/tweak/Windows_7_Tweaking_list_2.0.pdf"
  14. Exactly, the computers are not synced. For audio output im using the production PC, where is installed Intensity pro audio output. In default way im not using audio capture for live video. For data capturing (E1) im connecting mixpult and audio output right to the source pc. When there is mpeg-2 file i extract the oudio to wav file and run it separate in two layers, so i thing this could not be the problem.
  15. Hi, Im running three separate displays using WO 4.3. On events im often combining two capture inputs specifically Datapath VisionRGB-E1 attached on PCIE_X16 and Blackmagic Intensity pro attached PCIE_8x using the latest drivers of the devices. Both screens are in the blended area, means each screen is a part of the middle (2nd) display im getting lagging of the inputs. Usually im using XGA, XGA+ resolutions for presentations inputs and PAL for live cam. The same is happening when im combine video encoded as default in mpeg-2 standard with any of inputs. As template im using Vision
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