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  1. Hello Jonas, thanks for your support. One license dongle we put inside the display server. Makes the handling with different display servers unflexible, but it's a good idea. But the other display server have to be a little one (acer aspire revo) for some little animations (288x192) for led panels. There is no way to put the dongle inside. While googling usb-port server I found some intresting posts: Eltima - USB to Ethernet Connector (Software Solution) http://www.eltima.com/products/usb-over-ethernet/ This solution can share any local usb port to the ethernet. So you can
  2. Hello, we are using watchout 5 in a broadcast-studio with several display computers. So we like to have the license keys central on a save place while using watchout. In the codemeter software we found the option to run it as an license server. So our idea is to put all license keys on one save place and serve each license to the display computer via network. What is the right way to do this. In the watchout manual there is no description for using the codemeter software and license options. Thanks for your support Bernd
  3. Ok. But it would be a good idea for next releases. Isn't it? Is there a tested graphic card with 6 outputs? Thanks for support! Bernd )
  4. Hello, is it possible to use e.g. two various dual head graphic cards in one display computer? I have one intel graphic card with two outputs and a nvidia quadro fx3800 with two other outputs. So, if I start Watchout Display Program only the two outputs from the prior graphic card (set in bios) are used!? Maybe the Direct3D uses the first graphic card to render the 3d scenes but the output is on the other graphic card, the second one. I'm programming lots of Direct 3D software and this reason is to be obvious. So can I tell (e.g. ini-file or registry) every output what GPU on what
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